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Scouring the internet for new ideas and apps can get tiresome, here’s a few that you will find entertaining or useful in your life. Give them a look!

1. CoinBits     

In what could be a game-changer for the average investor wary of the cryptocurrency space, a freshly launched app called CoinBits looks to bridge the gap between the general public and the “scary world of crypto”.

Erik Finman, the founder of CoinBits, claims it is a passive investment app for bitcoin. Finman made his millions in Bitcoin at the age of 19 by betting on the currency at $12 and doesn’t seem like he’s in the mood to slow down. CoinBits is his easiest suggestion for millennials to get invested in Bitcoin and that the app idea “is to democratize access to the currency by letting everyday folks invest nominal sums through well-known mechanisms like roundups on transactions made with a credit or debit card or through regular transactions from a customer’s savings or checking account to bitcoin through CoinBits.”

So how does it actually work?

To the average consumer, this is going to be one of the easiest ways to dip the toe in and experience the world of crypto, as there are plans to expand the investment offering to Ethereum and Litecoin in the coming months. The main catch is that you cannot transfer, trade or withdraw your Bitcoin. This means you can invest in it and ride the waves to a higher value in which time you’d either convert your Bitcoin to cash and withdraw (all within the app), or continue to HODL (also known as “hold on for dear life” or continue to ride the waves of crypto), but you can’t control your holdings outside of the app. This is because as you purchase bitcoin you are actually growing Finman’s own bitcoin holdings. This really does give users a low-cost and low-risk way of maintaining a crypto portfolio, since traditional transfer costs from the marketplace to your “digital wallet” were high and time-consuming to get from one to another. Finman (and CoinBits) just places himself in the middle to manage the complex world, and gives you the ability to succeed at buying and selling when you want, much like stock apps like Robinhood.

For a little better understanding of costs and security, see below for a few screenshots direct from CoinBits FAQs:

Start building your investment portfolio today by checking out this innovative new option. People that want to at least start testing the waters when it comes to alternative forms of investment, CoinBits will give you the ability to see some crazy money spikes that could just pay for parts of your life!

2. One Bite – Presented by Barstool Sports        

Dave Portnoy, also known as El Presidente (El Pres for short), has made a living racking up page views over the course of his career as founder of Barstool Sports. All of his page views are dwarfed by his most current recent run of success eating cheese pizza. That’s right, you heard it correctly. El Pres has eaten cheese pizza and rated a single or multiple spots every day for over 500+ days. He is currently in the process of racking up millions of page views and an app to go with it.

One Bite (iOS, Google Play) is an app for every fan of the popular segment brand. Pizza places across the nation are listed on the map and users of the app can add in a review of their own (either video or picture). Start adding to your pizza profile today by downloading the app and giving your two cents on the best cheese slice in America. Enjoy one of his many reviews and get out there to become the next great cheese pizza expert.

Chris Harrison (The Bachelorette Host) Reviewing Sfila Pizza – 866 9th Ave, NYC

3. Foodie   

Yelp has made its mark on the internet with the reviews of local businesses in a profound way, Foodie (iOS, Google Play) looks to take that a step further. With the same basic idea of reviewing a local restaurant, Foodie is diving into the menu and giving users an opportunity to review and score the actual meals they have when dining out or search new interesting items that others suggest. Within this app, you can also see collections of bloggers and chefs, search for top rated items near you or create and share your bucket lists for places you want to dine.

To gather the data, Foodie developed a “proprietary algorithm to aggregate and analyze THOUSANDS of food reviews — from delivery apps to social media” for restaurants (also known as Partners) on the app. Giving an actual solution to the age-old question “What do I order?”

Simultaneously, this helps the business side with consolidated reviews across from other social platforms, plus the inbound reviews from Foodie. The data can now pinpoint to the business exactly what their customers like or don’t like.
Bonus Tip: If you live in SF (or Bay Area) you should also look into the Foodie Rep Program. Those that are enrolled in college or grad school, and love the world of food and talking all about it have an opportunity to build up the app while also getting some amazing food perks along the way.

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