Last Thursday, President Donald Trump visited Arlington National Cemetery to pay his respects to those who died in service to the United States by placing American flags at several gravesites in light of Memorial Day.

At about the same time, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made claims the President faked his disability to get out of serving in Vietnam.

Martha Raddatz of ABC News “This Week” asked Buttigieg if he was, “pretty positive about that” to which Buttigieg replied with a resounding, “yes.”

After receiving a letter from a doctor, Trump was exempted from military service due to a bone spur ailment in his foot in the 1960s.

“There is no question I think, to any reasonable observer, that the president found a way to falsify a disabled status taking advantage of his privileged status in order to avoid serving,” said Buttigieg.

“You have somebody who thinks it’s alright to let somebody go in his place into a deadly war, and is willing to pretend to be disabled in order to do it. That is an assault on the honor of this country,” he added.

The President has mentioned the idea of pardoning soldiers accused of war crimes.

Recently, President Donald Trump pardoned Michael Behenna, a former first Lt. in the U.S. Army.

Behenna had been sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was accused of “unpremeditated murder in a combat zone” for killing a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist named Ali Mansur.

Buttigieg criticized the President for considering pardoning these soldiers accused or convicted.

“The idea that being sent to war turns you into a murderer is exactly the kind of thing that those of us who have served have been trying to beat back for more than a generation,” Buttigieg told Raddatz.

He believes that troops are protected “morally and physically” in knowing that “if anybody in uniform does commit a crime, they will be held accountable.”

“For a president, especially a president who never served, to say he’s going to come in and overrule that system of military justice undermines the very foundations, legal and moral, of this country,” Buttigieg said.

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