When most of us think of bees, we think of a sweet-helping-of-honey or a not-so-sweet sting. But as many folks are unaware, bees are in trouble. From 2015 to 2016, the beekeepers of the U.S  lost 44 percent of their bees largely due to environmental issues and disease, and that’s bees in captivity alone. Captive bees have it best since they get to be in relative comfort despite their problems. Wild bees have it even worse, with more than 700 North American bee species headed toward extinction – due to habitat loss and the use of commercial pesticides. As sad as that is, there’s an amazing bit of hope coming out of England.

The city of London has proposed a “bee corridor” in order to combat the issues affecting bee populations.

What is a bee corridor?

A bee corridor refers to a seven-mile stretch filled with wildflowers in the middle of the city, which experts say can help the suffering bees greatly . These wildflowers will give  the bees some of their natural habitat back in the middle of one of Europe’s most bustling cities.  These flowers will help bees and allow city residents a portrait of nature close to home.

There is still more to be done to help bees out, but this is truly an amazing start. The city of London has shown the world that it’s possible to make a change, even if that change is as small as a honeybee. Not only do these bees depend on us for their future, but the future of humanity is depending on these little pollinators to keep us healthy for generations to come.

Written ByAlex Gruenenfelder

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