For some time, Apple has been humming along so successfully that the casual observer often overlooks the other bad apples elsewhere in the company.

Enter iTunes. A dinosaur in the Apple suite of media that was assumed to be going extinct for some time, it was officially announced Monday that iTunes would finally become historic. After iTunes was first announced by Steve Jobs in 2001 at Macworld Expo, Apple went on a decades long run of success with the music download app and introduction of the iPod, but has since realized that the world in recent years has changed and they need to adapt. With that, the iTunes app will go away and be replaced by three apps that seemingly piece it back together—Music, T.V. and Podcasts standalone apps.

With the revolution of apps like Spotify, the need to purchase and download music no longer exists. The preferred way to consume content now is in streaming to devices since music being held in the cloud allows the users of the apps to store more of what they personally want on their phones – another competitive advantage for the competing apps. iTunes downloads were down in recent years and the explosive growth seen from Apple Music made the decision easier.

Digital Music News reported in April 2018 that Apple Music “now boasts 40 million paying subscribers. On top of that, an additional 6-7 million may be trialling the service. That is rapidly catching up to Spotify’s 71 million and underscores the huge shift away from downloads (paid or otherwise).” With numbers scaling positively towards market leader Spotify, Apple is employing the strategy of addition by subtraction.

The avid user of Apple products will look back on iTunes in a nostalgic fashion. Most of the public couldn’t download music unless it was done through Limewire and Napster illegally or through Apple iTunes. But all good things must come to an end and now it’s iTunes turn. Moving on from iTunes will allow Apple to focus more on aligning the successful apps, iOS and desktop software they have, with the new products they are planning to roll out in Apple Watch, iPad and Mac Pro.

It’s always a good time to clean out your pantry, check the expiration dates and toss the things that are no longer palatable.

Tim Cook just decided this bad apple was starting to rot and needed to be tossed.

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