New Pokémon, mechanics and much more.

On June 5, Nintendo held a Pokémon Direct to release some new information about Pokémon Sword and Shield. After watching the livestream, I cannot wait to get my hands on these games.

The stream began with Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of the Pokémon Company, who came on screen to introduce his viewers to the stream and show us some of the content the company planned to release.

This part of the live stream begins with a montage of various areas in the game to show off the graphics. We got to see some of the cities in the games and they look phenomenal. The main protagonist is then seen engaging in a battle with another trainer, we later learn that the trainer was the rival of the main character, Hop. The regions starters get some screen time and Scorbunny is shown giving the players a fist bump. This made me think more about what starter I am going to pick—every trainer’s worst nightmare.

The male and female protagonists are seen walking around a desert temple, then walking down from a building and interacting with the professor and her assistant. This generation’s tree named professor will be Professor Magnolia—finally, another female professor. It is later revealed that her assistant is her granddaughter, Sonia. I like the concept of the professor including her family in her work.

We are introduced to three new Pokémon. An interesting-looking flower (Gossifleur), a sheep (Wooloo), and an angry turtle (Drednaw) are then shown battling with the player and being captured. The player is then again showed wondering the lands and battling some trainers. In one of the battles, the player throws out this menacing looking crow Pokémon, Corviknight. After that battle, we see some amazing shots of Pokémon wandering the land. Wobuffet is walking through some grass and Butterfrees flying through the skies.  

Suddenly, the player notices a red beacon and him and three other players approach it. The players are then suddenly faced with a giant Gyarados. The four battle with it for a while until the female protagonist is somehow able to make her Raichu just as big. The player then throws a pokéball bigger than she heard to catch the giant foe.

The player enters a stadium to battle with a tall buff guy with a green bow around his neck. It is later revealed that this character will be one of the gym leaders in the game, Milo. Both characters throw out giant pokéballs to reveal a giant Grookey and another new Pokémon, Eldegoss. After the battle, another trainer with purple hair and a Charizard is shown. It is then revealed that his name was Leon, the Galar regions Pokémon champion.

After that eventful video, Junichi Masuda, producer of the games at Game Freak and Shigeru Ohmori, director of the games at Game Freak, go into further detail about the games and the previous videos. James Turner, art director of the games at Game Freak, then talks about some of the newly released Pokémon. He mentions that Wooloos’ fluffy fur is used to craft some specialty goods. How Gossifleur loves places that have clean air and water and how Drednaw is able to bite into rocks and iron. He also talks about how Corviknight acts as a flying taxi. Turner then reveals that Eldegoss is the evolution of Gossifleur. I’m not a huge fan of Drednaw, but I am excited to possibly add these new Pokémon to my team.

Masuda and Ohmori then come back to talk about the Wild Area. This area is filled with Pokémon and depending on where you are in the world and what the weather is like, you will encounter different Pokémon. The two then introduce dynamaxing, (when Pokémon become huge in size) and pass the mic to Kazumasa Iwao, planning director of the games at Game Freak, to talk about it more. Pokémon can dynamax to increase their size and power. The new feature can be used once a battle and the effects will only last three turns. I’m not huge on competitive battling but this feature will definitely have a huge impact on competitive play. One way to obtain some of these Pokémon is through Max Raid Battles, a feature where you can connect to other players fight these giant Pokémon.

To close off the video, a small clip of the box art legendaries are shown. We see Zamazenta in all his glory and shortly after, we see Zacian take a swing at the other with a sword he holds in his mouth. At the end of the video, something appears to be approaching and both Pokémon begin to glow, signifying they are getting ready to fight. I am not too fond of Zacian and his mouth sword but it looks cool nonetheless. However, what has me intrigued is what they were getting ready to fight—was it a Pokémon? The evil team of the game? Only time will tell.

After the clip, the live stream ends and thousands of fans were left in awe. The games will be released on Nov. 15—so the wait begins.

Written ByCandy Plascencia

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