Youtube recently changed its community guidelines and now will be removing videos off the platform that have Nazi ideology, white supremacy and conspiracy theory videos on mass shootings, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012.

Vox journalist Carlos Maza demanded that conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder channel be removed from the platform for “harassment,” which resulted in YouTube making changes to their community guidelines and demonetizing Steven Crowder’s channel.

“YouTube has decided not to punish Crowder, after he spent two years harassing me for being gay and Latino,” said Maza in a tweet.

“Your platform has made it easier than ever for people making abusive content to reach a massive scale,” Vox Editor-In-Chief Lauren Williams said in an open letter to the YouTube CEO.

History teachers trying to educate students on fascism have been blocked from uploading videos on Adolf Hitler, The Guardian reported.

YouTube wrote a blog post explaining their decision not to remove Crowder’s channel from the video-sharing platform.

“To all independent Youtube creators hit by the Vox Adpocalypse, I don’t care about your politics or anything else. We’re in this together,” said Crowder. “I will fight for your free speech.”

Written ByJorge Ventura

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