“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process for two weeks to see if Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the asylum and loophole problems at the Southern border,” said President Trump earlier today. “If not, deportations start.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement were set to arrest and deport illegal immigrants with court-ordered removal in 10 cities across the United States including Los Angeles.

The raids were scheduled for Sunday, with 140 people targeted in Southern California.

“Mr. President, delay is welcome,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti and Mayor of San Francisco London Breed were on the same page regarding the ICE raids targeted in their cities.

“No Angeleno should ever have to fear being snatched from their home or separated from their loved ones,” said Garcetti. “We are doing everything we can to provide immigrant families with info and support ahead of the announced ICE deportation sweeps.”

“It is unconscionable that the Federal administration is targeting innocent immigrant families with secret raids that are designed to inflict as much fear and pain as possible,” said Breed.”Residents should call the SF Rapid Response hotline.”

The announcement of the ICE raids caused panic in some cities in the Los Angeles county like Palmdale, were local residents warned others of possible ICE agents in Lancaster, but was actually a DUI checkpoint.


Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot also opposed possible ICE raids.

“We are all aware of the threat from President Trump regarding raids by ICE, and in response, Chicago has taken concrete steps to support our immigrant communities,” said

Lightfoot.”Chicago will always be a welcoming city and a champion for the rights of our immigrant and refugee communities.”

Written ByJorge Ventura

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