Andy Ngo, an editor for Quillette, has been attacked by “anti-fascist” Portland gang. Ngo was peacefully livestreaming the protest being held in Portland when members of Antifa with masked faces approached him.

Ngo, a 5’5 gay man, is most well known for his coverage of Antifa in Portland Oregon. This was not his first encounter with the group.

Ngo had mentioned being nervous prior to the event due to being called out by the violent group. They promised “physical confrontation” and singled him out to be assaulted.

Criticism of Antifa has been an ongoing issue as many are dissatisfied with Portland police and mayor on how they are handling the violence.

Media outlets, such as CNN and Vox, have defended Antifa several times in the past. 

The mayor of Portland has also stated in the past that he supports Antifa in a similar situation that Ngo was also involved in.

This is a breaking story and more information will be revealed throughout the day.

Written ByMike Luso

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