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The Brooklyn Nets and All-Star free agent Kyrie Irving are “motivated to move quickly” towards a four-year, $141M deal according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Woj).

The 27-year-old point guard, who verbally committed re-signing with the Boston Celtics during the year, is now inches away from signing with the Brooklyn Nets. A possible better fit for Irving as it would be his third team in four years-the first of his choosing.

Multiple teams are in the Irving sweepstakes, none more prevalent than the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Although enticing, it seems Irving’s desire to evade the media and bright lights of the city have led him to choose the Nets.

Woj also stated Kyrie Irving’s “focus” is on the Nets whom he described as being “in a tremendous position” with the free agent.

Nothing can become official until Sunday night, but it seems the Nets have been Irving’s first choice all summer with reports claiming he is attempting to recruit Kevin Durant as well.

Woj also said Brooklyn’s free agency plan has always been pairing Irving with Kevin Durant. The Nets, he said, have never seen Irving as a “solo act.”

As the start of NBA free agency looms, Irving is close to joining Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker, who have both already verbally committed to signing with the Warriors and Celtics.

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