In a historic moment, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Korea to shake hands.

“Stepping across that line was a great honor,” said President Trump. He also claimed a lot of progress and “great friendships” had been made. 

“This has a lot of significance because it means that we want to bring an end to the unpleasant past and try to create a new future so it’s a very courageous and determined act,” said Kim. 

“President Trump and myself we have an excellent relationship with each other,’ Kim said echoing Trump’s rhetoric. ‘If it wasn’t for that good relationship, it would not have been able to make this meeting possible.”

The President also invited Kim to visit the U.S. and the White House.

Earlier today, President Trump visited South Korea and met with President Moon in regards to a new trade deal where he announced the “brief” meeting with Kim Jong Un. Trump also visited U.S. troops before preparing to go to the DMZ.

Moon praised the meeting as a “handshake for peace.”

“I hope that there will be progress made between the leaders of the different countries, together with the people of the Republic of Korea,” Moon said through a translator.

Moon did not participate in the encounter. “As for an inter-Korean dialogue, this will happen a later time,” he said.

President Trump said this would not be another “summit” on Saturday.  “We’ll call it a handshake, if it does happen.” 

President Trump is the first U.S. president to meet with the North Korean Leader. The handshake marks the first meeting in the DMZ since the end of the Korean War.

Another memorable moment is North Korean security to Kim Jong Un and President Trump’s secret service standing near each other.

Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman, commented on the handshake moment wishing them a “very good meeting.”

Written ByMike Luso

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