“There were also a few times FYI, where I started talking being like, ‘hey, I would like to add something there and my mic was like not on,’ ” said Democrat candidate Andrew Yang to his supporters after the Democratic debate two weeks ago in Miami. 

Yang addressed his supporters post-debate about being possibly being muted by NBC during the Democratic Debates. 

In the clip below, Yang raises his hand while attempting to speak into the mic, but there was no sound. 

The presidential candidate only spoke for two minutes and 56 seconds, which was the least amount of time out of all the candidates. 

Yang said he was “talking and nothing was happening” and wanted to contribute to the discussions on climate change and education, but his mic was clearly off. 

“I would start talking and then the moderators would just ignore like it didn’t matter, moderators have a fair amount of power and authority including someone in production is like turning on a mic or not,” he continued.  

Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson seemed to have the same mic issue as Yang. “The mic issue is not funny and yes it did happen, I tried a couple of times to jump in and my mic was not on,” said Williamson. 

After the debates ‘#LetYangSpeak’ was trending on Twitter, viewers were displeased with how little airtime Yang received compared to the other candidates. 

Yang will be on stage again for the second debate on July 30 and 31 in Michigan hosted by CNN.

Written ByJorge Ventura

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