Well, Nintendo has found another way to steal all of our money.

In a video released on July 10, Yoshi Koizumi, the general producer of Nintendo Switch, announced the new and upcoming, Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The video starts out by restating the features of the already existing, Nintendo Switch. Users can play in handheld mode and on T.V., take it wherever the player desires and possesses the ability to play in various different ways (i.e, playing with motion control). This is the Nintendo Switch we have all know and loved, but this fall, it will be joined by the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

This version of the Switch is completely dedicated to functioning as a handheld device. Being so, the new version will be more compact, lightweight and easily transportable.

The front of the system looks much like the original, except, the left joy-con supports a D-pad instead of four directional buttons. The back of the system also looks much like the original, except this version of the Switch will not have a built-in kickstand. This new system will be available in three different colors, yellow, grey and turquoise. 

After a short introduction, Koizumi transitions the video into a segment meant to show off the new console. 

Set to some upbeat music, we see the Nintendo Switch Lite taken to a skatepark, where we see five kids (three using the new model) playing a game of Mario Cart. The video then continues with gamers using the new console in rock climbing gyms, rooftop hangouts, on camping trips, in space and in common bedrooms. 

After the segment, Koizumi discusses more information about the system. This system will not have the ability to connect to a television set since it’s dedicated to being a handheld system. On this system, the side controllers will not be permitted to be removed from the main, single unit. Again, the left directional buttons have been replaced with a D-pad. The system controllers have different inputs than the original controller. With the new inputs, this system will not support the IR motion camera and HD rumble features the original controllers have. However, if you wish to play a game that uses those features (ie. 1-2-Switch), all you have to do is connect a separate joy-con controller(s). This new system will also support all current and future games that have a handheld mode. Games that support handheld mode are Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey and many other titles. 

If you are unsure about which system is right for you, you can visit https://www.nintendo.com /switch/compare/ to see a side by side comparison of both systems. 

This new system will be available on Sept. 20, 2019, for $199.99.

Written ByCandy Plascencia

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