A lot of great apps are out there and this week we’ve got a mixture to get you creating, sharing and exploring.


If you haven’t heard of Telegram yet, you are a bit behind. One of the “newer” social media platforms building up under the radar since 2013, it’s one of the relatively few places you can be free online anymore. It’s basically following the newsfeed of a big group text chat which is combined with features like facebook comments and customizable reaction emojis. Whoever you follow, group or individual, can post at will to up to a group of 200,000 people at will (so make sure you put the mute filter on sometimes). All the content posted by the account is organized in very clean folders for Media, Docs, Links and Audio – easily accessible for saving and sharing. Since most of mainstream social media platforms have banned popular independent voices, those people can be found on this app, in addition to many others that are finding alternative ways to socially interact online. Besides its primary goal of being an ultra fast messaging app, they offer end-to-end encrypted voice calls, better security and cloud-based seamless sync system than WhatsApp. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktop, or you can install one of their desktop apps.


HipCamp is AirBnb for camping – plain and simple. However, that doesn’t take away how useful this is for camping season or simply general research. Search specifically for a campsite or look by the general park, and then fine tune to a specific campsite that you want. When you find the place that you’d like to stay at you can request to book (with the full cost known), or find the next steps to booking if HipCamp doesn’t support it (such as going to another website for booking). Summer is the perfect time for exploring, so get out there and utilize this amazing tool to start seeing parts of the country you hadn’t considered before. 


For those with a busy mind, Milanote is a great way to organize your ideas, notes and research in one place. Milanote offers its platform for free (limited to 100 notes, images or links across all board) or a “Pro” plan at $12.50/month for unlimited usage, and suggests different ideas on how to utilize its services, such as: creating a mood board, organizing a mind map, brainstorm ideas or collect assets and information needed for specific projects that you might be working on. Much like other platforms, you can invite people to edit, view and leave comments, or limit access to view-only, making this a platform capable of collaborative efforts. You may also export any “boards” you’ve created as PDF or image files, convert to a linear document, and publish so that anyone you give the link to may be able to view online. In a world that throws around information constantly, this is a great way to help organize it all in one place and process it easier for all the projects in your life.


For all the creative types out there, a new Mac app that allows creators to easily record video and convert it into a stop motion video is here. In what will become a very useful application for some, Locomotion takes all the hassle and time-consuming picture taking out of the equation by allowing you to simply record a video, upload it into the software and have it converted into a stop motion masterpiece. This application is truly magic and can make a stop motion director out of anyone with a story to tell.

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