Independent journalist and Scriberr contributor Jorge Ventura sits down with Navarro to discuss recent allegations.

“The smear articles that have been written about me include messages and audio recordings that are false and fabricated,” Republican hopeful for the U.S. House District 43, tweeted Monday. “They are contrary to who I am as a person.⁠ And those of you who are close to me or have followed me for a while know my true heart and character.⁠”

Who is Omar Navarro?

The 30-year-old candidate running for California’s 43rd Congressional District has been accused of taking campaign money to invest in his own Bitcoin, threatening his ex-girlfriend over a feud with one of the Proud Boys and an alleged racist exchange in direct messages on social media.

Navarro has previously run for Congressional District 43 twice and lost both times to long-standing representative of District 43, Maxine Waters. In 2016, Waters won by 167,017 votes, outnumbering Navarro by 114,518 votes. Determined to win, Navarro ran again in 2018, losing by 108,492 votes. 

Confident he will defeat Waters in 2020, Navarro has been campaigning to win by aligning his views consistent with the current administration, hoping to gain the conservative Latino vote. The Republican hopeful has vocalized his stance for stronger border security, keeping PAC’s and unions out of politics and remaining active against international terrorist threats on the U.S.

The allegations 

On Saturday, July 13, leaked Instagram messages emerged of Navarro saying blacks and Mexicans “can be told to do anything.” Navarro continued and said they are “nice” but “not very smart.” 

Navarro also said in the messages that he would run as Democrat if it meant he would win. Since these messages have been leaked by a campaign-insider, Navarro has posted on his social media that the messages have been fabricated. “There are apps that can do that,” Navarro said in a live feed posted to Twitter.

“First of all, I wouldn’t write anything like that on Instagram or Twitter, I’m smarter than that,” Navarro said. “Whoever did that probably fabricated the whole thing.”

The Proud Boys, the far-right political organization, often associated with violent tactics during protests across the U.S. have also found themselves wrapped up in Navarro’s alleged harassment towards his ex-girlfriend, Deanna Lorraine. 

Outraged that Lorraine was allegedly involved with one of the Proud Boys, Navarro said the “drug-infested” organization had “threatened” him in a tweet July 11.

First interview since alleged audio recordings and messages

On Monday, independent journalist and Scriberr contributor, Jorge Ventura, interviewed Navarro about the recent accusations circulating in some headlines. 

“She was telling people that I was stalking her in Florida, I wasn’t,” Navarro said about Lorraine. 

Navarro was previously charged and placed on probation in 2017 for placing a tracking device on his ex-wife’s car. He Initially denied the charges and blamed “fake news” for false pretenses, but later admitted he got what he deserved. “I really screwed up,” Navarro said in the interview.

“My ex-wife is a good person,” Navarro said. “We’re not enemies, we text.” 

Navarro insisted he learned his lesson and believes the media is trying to use his past mistakes against him. However, in police reports filed in 2016 by Navarro’s ex-wife, she claimed Navarro threatened to kill himself, attempted to slam a car door in her face when they were dating and threw cups and plates on the floor.

“Living in a world that we live in, they’re always going to attack men and take sides with the women, that’s just how it is,” Navarro said.

Navarro claims that none of the allegations with his ex-wife are true and that she eventually apologized for building the case against him in that way. 

“Her mom was a part of that, and her family didn’t like me in the very beginning,” Navarro said. “She’s bipolar, she actually exaggerated what was on that statement.”

After facing criminal charges from placing a tracking device on his ex-wife’s car, Navarro revealed he completed the court-ordered anger management classes. 

“I didn’t finish them exactly on the time period that I was supposed to, so the court added an additional five classes, and I was like ‘okay that’s fine,’ I didn’t finish them in the time I was supposed to,” he said. 

The recordings

Navarro allegedly told ex-girlfriend Lorraine in a leaked private conversation that he built her reputation and that she wouldn’t have a following if it wasn’t for him. “Is it true you said these things?” Ventura asked Navarro on Monday. 

“I had a private conversation that was recorded illegally, and right now I can’t talk about something like that because it is under investigation,” Navarro responded.

In addition to the messages, leaked audio recordings revealed Navarro joking about using a “taser” on minority groups and using campaign money for his own personal investment in Bitcoin. In the recordings, a woman can be heard questioning Navarro about paying himself a salary of up to $25,000 – something that is considered taboo for politicians to do. 

Navarro admitted to paying himself up to $4,000 a month, but totaling out to about $24,000. 

He also explained that the first audio recording that was leaked sounded like it was altered, according to the police, he said. 

“The other ones weren’t altered,” Navarro said. 

In the following recordings, Navarro can be heard talking to a group of individuals about taking campaign funds to invest in Bitcoin and opening up a charity. 

“No, no, no,” Navarro responded. “We were talking about conversations in general of what people can do. If you look at my FEC reports, you’ll see that I had no investments in Bitcoin. Those recordings were back in October, and none of that has happened, so now why are they bringing it up?”

Ex-girlfriend files restraining order against Republican hopeful

In a restraining order filed against Navarro by his ex-girlfriend obtained by Ventura, Lorraine broke up with Navarro and booked a trip to Florida so that he could not show up at her home. During this time, Lorraine stated in the order that he installed software on her cell phone in order to see her location at all times, listen to her phone calls and read her text messages.

Lorraine also claimed that Navarro found out about her planned trip to Florida and contacted her friends and convinced them to let him stay in the same Airbnb as the group. Lorraine stated that Navarro followed her around the Airbnb, despite trying to get away from him multiple times. 

Restraining order filed by Deanna against Navarro obtained by Jorge Ventura
Restraining order filed by Deanna against Navarro obtained by Jorge Ventura
Restraining order filed by Deanna against Navarro obtained by Jorge Ventura
Restraining order filed by Deanna against Navarro obtained by Jorge Ventura

Navarro’s campaign now

With heat against Navarro for the alleged recordings and messages, skeptics are wondering how he can run a successful candidacy with these recent accusations and a not-so-innocent criminal history. Certain that the individuals who leaked the recordings and messages will be prosecuted for illegally recording the conversations, Navarro is not worried about voters deterring from his campaign.

“They want to intimidate me and get me out of the race, so that way someone can sneak in and have a chance, because they won’t have a chance if they have to run against it,” Navarro continued. “It would be very, very hard. I’ve invested so much into this district.”

Navarro shared he ran a “great campaign” in 2018 and raised $1.2 million while garnishing over 500,000 followers on all his social channels while “working really hard” at everything he does. 

“I’ve gone above and beyond that, I’ve done more positive things after all that happened,” Navarro said. “I’ve been productive, I’ve done a lot of great things. They’re not going to bring me down, this is just going to make me stronger and I’m going to win the election in March. I guarantee it.” 

Written ByJamie Joseph

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