Journalist Mike Luso, in collaboration with PragerU, went to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market to show people what former President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton believed when it came to U.S. immigration policies.

Immigration continues to circulate the news cycle as tension increases between President Trump and Congress. Trump is repeatedly called “racist” by mainstream media and Democratic colleagues.

Luso’s goal was to allow people to compare Obama and Clinton’s words with Trump’s to see if there was much difference.

Here are the previous Democratic presidents stance on immigration:

  • Illegal immigrants take american jobs
  • Pro strong border security
  • More deportations – especially criminals
  • Prevent illegal hiring
  • Prevent access to welfare
  • Requiring background checks
  • Tax requirements
  • English language requirements
  • Back of the line for legal re-entry

One gentleman said it wasn’t “super surprising” to hear. Another girl said, “I just didn’t know that those two presidents said those types of things, especially since that’s like more towards what Donald Trump kinda believes in. Its kinda shocking. Is that real?”

“Trump is enemy number one so what he says is taken completely differently than any other prior president. I don’t think his rhetoric is any different than any prior presidents in terms of immigration system,” another gentleman said


Written ByMike Luso

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