New York is taking a progressive stance against the anti-abortion laws recently passed in Iowa and Alabama by providing women with access to abortions. Just last month, New York City Council approved $250,000 for abortions specifically for lower-income women who live or travel to the city for the procedure. 

The $250,000 will be given to a volunteer program that assists women in abortion access, the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF).

A board member of NYAAF, Janna Oberdorf, explained that the funds will cover only the procedure and not the travel and lodging. She also estimated that the total could fund up to 500 procedures. 

The NYAAF tweeted on Sunday “Welcome to New York. We fund abortions.” 

According to a statement made by NYAAF, this is the first time any U.S. city has contributed to an abortion fund. 

Illinois has also took its stance on abortion, as it borders three conservative states, and in the last few months they have put in place heavy restrictions on abortion access. 

In June, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the Reproduction Health Act, an abortion rights law systemitizing Roe v. Wade into state law, calling abortion a “fundamental right.” 

The state law takes down some of the anti-abortion provisions such as waiting periods, spousal consent and the felony penalties for doctors who perform the procedure and require both private and public insurances to cover the procedure. 

Women from the state over in Missouri can potentially travel to Illinois to have abortion access

In addition, like New York, Illinois is also inviting other women to come over to obtain access to abortions.  

Illinois 31st District Senator Melinda Bush, whose district oversees most of the territories west of Chicago, backs the new Reproductive Health Act. 

On June 12, Bush tweeted, “Women can now rest assured that regardless of what happens at the federal level, they will have access to comprehensive reproductive health care here in Illinois. We trust women,” Senator Bush tweeted.

Vermont’s Republican Governor Phil Scott also signed a bill protecting abortions in June. 

Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky and Georgia have passed bills stating that when a heartbeat is dectected no abortion can be performed. 

Alabama made headlines in May with arguably the most punishable abortion law in America to date. Up to 99 years in jail for performing an abortion, with one exception, saving a mother’s life. But, the law gives no regard to abortion or rape. 

With the nation divided on abortion, the 2020 candidates may address this issue in the coming months. 

Written ByMiguel Escalante

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