Sony’s new wireless earphones destroy Apple’s AirPods.

In the fierce market of wireless Bluetooth audio, the competition is steep and the options are wide. Apple’s AirPods have taken the world by storm and have been a huge success for the company. In fact, they have become so popular, they are unfortunately now seen as more of a status symbol than a necessary accessory. Sony, meanwhile, has been lingering in the shadow of Apple’s success. Although proving to be successful with their wonderful line of noise-canceling headphones for a number of years, Sony’s wireless earphones haven’t yet matched up. That is, until now.

Courtesy of Sony

Sony’s new reigning king of the truly wireless earphone world has arrived. The Sony WF-1000 XM3 are beautifully constructed earphones and have the ability to envelop your ears with audio nirvana. The XM3’s have similar features that AirPods have such as quick connectivity, a beautiful case that charges the earphones and stellar call quality. However, the Sony earphones have a few key features up its sleeve that truly separates it from the competition. The first being a dedicated app that has an equalizer baked into the controls to precisely change the audio to your liking. Want more treble or bass? No problem. More cowbell? Done (totally kidding, but that would be hilarious). However, the best and most amazing feature is without a doubt the noise cancelation. Yes, that is right. You can actually have noise cancelation on wireless earphones, so that you can tune out the entire world around you, no matter how loud. This is the first of its kind, as only big over-ear headphones have been able to do this.

How do they manage to do this? Sony cleverly figured out how to implement the same advanced noise-canceling chip within its more expensive headphones, and manufacture them right into the XM3’s. If you have not tried high-quality noise-canceling headphones before, the result is a mind-bending feeling, as the world around you quickly fades away into silence. The XM3’s do just that. It is simply a dream when in loud environments such as the gym, work or even on an airplane. Additionally, the Sony’s deliver crisp and clean audio with a solid punch of bass that should please anyone’s musical preference. I have had ample time to listen to both Apple’s newest AirPods and Sony’s 1000 XM3’s and I must say, the XM3’s destroy the AirPods in almost every way.

Courtesy of Sony

I’ll give credit where credit is due, Apple’s AirPods are a bit easier to set up and may have a slight edge (but not much) in call quality and they are cheaper, however, it ends there. Sony’s XM3s sound fantastic, the noise canceling is incredible, and they are very comfortable to wear – these are features that make it all worth it. Sony even included a handful of different sized earbuds so that you are sure to have a perfect fit. One thing I noticed is that the AirPods lack any sizing options and tend to feel loose in the ear. Many people have complained about them constantly falling while working out or just walking around.

There are many truly wireless options out there that I haven’t covered, such as offerings from Beats (Apple’s other option), Sennheiser, Samsung, Jabra, and even Bang & Olufsen. However, after the flood of rave reviews about Sony’s newest masterpiece, it may not be difficult to understand why the other honorable mentions are easier to dismiss. The Sony’s offer noise cancelation and audio quality that no other pair of truly wireless earphones can do and because of this they earn my top pick. Whether on iPhone or Android, if you are willing to spend a little more or step outside of Apple’s bubble, you’ll be rewarded with a superior experience. Consider yourself woke.

Written ByJeremy Jauregui

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