Many of us know the hashtag #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) on social media, which is usually men and women doting over strong and admirable women figures in their life. Since many women are rising up as successful entrepreneurs, I set out to interview a few women in my local community making waves and contributing to why 2019 is the year of the female entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is never an easy feat, especially for women. According to a survey conducted by Inc., only 30 percent of companies owned by females were approved bank loans. This small number alone represents why women entrepreneurs should be celebrated. Often capital is hard to raise, so eventually, women are using their own money to make their dream a reality. While women still have a way to go to get on equal playing ground as men, many women are encouraging others by providing help and mentorship. Currently, Miami is rated as the #1 city for female entrepreneurs while Los Angeles is fourth, with almost 64,000 female entrepreneurs. Let’s meet this week’s successful business owners below.

Sara Zanville of “BE KIND, REWIND” – Home for 90s themed events

  • What inspired you to become a female entrepreneur: Becoming an entrepreneur evolved naturally. Some friends were hosting a 90s event at a local bar in Los Angeles and I jumped in to help out. I have 15 years of restaurant management and event experience and love the 90s, so it was a match made in heaven! Once I jumped on board and started to promote the event, we landed on multiple sites, lists of top things to do in Los Angeles and the rest is history. I have fully taken over the brand, trademarked it, host 90s trivia nights around town, nights with cover bands and DJs and have merchandise to represent the 90s right!”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself: I have a very strong sense of urgency and it’s hard to partner with people that don’t have the same business sense. I can create, organize and structure the brand the way I want. I’m always open to feedback and speak to all the guests that attend my events, but it’s pretty rewarding to see this little 90s party that started 4 years ago turn into multiple residencies throughout LA with the hard work I’ve put in.”
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur:The best advice I have for other females who want to become an entrepreneur is to KEEP ON HUSTLING! Do not let anyone tell you you can’t do something. If you love what you’re doing, keep doing it. Success is the only answer if you keep the focus.  I had no clue what I was doing in the beginning, eh, sometimes I still don’t! But I built this based on what I would love to do in LA. Where do I find events that I want to go to, what would I want to see at a 90s event, what music would I want to hear, what would I want to see on Social Media accounts…and the more you research and test things out, it all ends up falling into place. Now I own BE KIND, REWIND, have hosted events at Saved by the Max, Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood and multiple bars in LA,  been featured in LA Weekly, Thrillist, Timeout LA, KROQ, and other LA sites and still love every second of it! It’s definitely been a rollercoaster and still is, but don’t give up! You got this!” 

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Ariane Lucas of “Clutter Nanny” – Home Organization

  • What inspired you to become a female entrepreneur: “I was inspired to start my business while I was working as a nanny.  When the kids were napping, or once they were in school for the majority of the day, I would spend my time in their homes organizing. I couldn’t NOT work while I was being paid, so I always found something that needed tidying to keep me busy!  Sometimes it was small projects like a kitchen drawer, and sometimes it was bigger projects like playrooms or closets. As the last little boy I nannied got older, I knew that I was ready to try something new instead of finding another family to work for. Starting my own business as a home organizer was the obvious next step, so in April of 2014 Clutter Nanny became official!”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself: “What I love most about working for myself is that I am in complete control of my schedule.  I am very good at balancing time between clients and all the other activities in my life, so not having to rely on a boss’s schedule is so wonderful!”
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur: “My advice for other females looking to start a business is to not be afraid to ask other women for help.  There was a lot that I didn’t know as I was getting started. There is still a lot that I am learning even now, 5 years in!  Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who are doing something similar, ask their opinions or advice, and learn as much as you can!  Some may not reply to your inquiries. Some will, and may open your eyes to ideas that you hadn’t yet thought of!”

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Jeanelle Castro of “Buko Marketing” — Video Content Creation

  • What inspired you to become a female entrepreneur: “I was inspired to be an entrepreneur by my grandpa and sister because I realized I needed to learn how to generate income without a 9-5 job so that I would know how to sustain myself if that cushion ever disappeared.”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself: “What I love most about working for myself is creating an abundance of possible solutions, and being able to execute them quickly. It’s also a great feeling to know that I’m helping other people move forward in a part of their business that they feel stuck on.”
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur: “My tip for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to plan just a little bit, then execute, execute, execute. Analysis paralysis and fear are huge pitfalls that will hold you back in moving forward. Take ACTION to push fear aside. No matter the outcome of your decision, you’ll be progressing regardless.”

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