There is a new podcast on the block and it’s all about feeling good! Brothers Dustin ‘Duddy’ Bushnell and Jake Bushnell co-host a podcast filled with positivity and laughs. Each week you have a theme you can apply to your life. Topics include communication, adaptability, rebirth and motivation to name a few. Duddy, guitarist and vocalist of Dirty Heads from Huntington Beach, California has a very popular and loyal following. While the podcast is filled with Wylees, also known as Dirty Head fans, the rising podcast is quickly gaining a new fanbase that looks for something different — learning about new people and a positive message. 

“If you’re not actually saying something meaningful and let people leave the show with something to think about and hopefully improve their life…then Duddy and I don’t feel like we’re not doing anything. We want to say something thoughtful,” Bushnell said.

Guests for the podcast have included Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, comedians and actors The Sklar Brothers, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold and surf legend Christian Fletcher. One of the most inspiring guests was MMA star Ian “Silverback” Butler. During his time on the show, Ian spoke about his difficult childhood, from shelters to foster care. While in foster care, he was motivated by his foster mom who then became like an aunt to him. She pushed him to wrestle and eventually he fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts. Ian’s struggles also included a very close brush with death but through all of it he was motivated to push forward to the star he is today. 

The brother duo has great chemistry and are very enjoyable to listen to, but more so watch. Jake often takes to his whiteboard to explain theories while Duddy’s contagious laugh encourages Jake. A regular segment of the podcast beyond each week’s theme includes a “Band Camp” story when the guest shares one of their most embarrassing moments. This segment often includes stories that come from the tagline, “never trust a fart!” and has grown to be a fan favorite of the podcasts on social media. Often during the podcast’s Instagram Live, fans are invited to tell their own embarrassing story. This segment will have you laughing to the point of tears. As the Bushnell brothers say, “everyone has a story!” and oh, do they.

Listen to Feelin Good With Duddy on your favorite podcast forum or watch it live on the Feelin Good With Duddy YouTube page. Check out Dirty Heads on a co-headlining tour with 311 right now through mid-August. Feelin Good With Duddy merchandise can be found on most tour dates at the Cutlass Brand (a trendy SoCal clothing brand) booth or on the podcast’s website.

Written ByNatasha Dressler

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