Members of the Equinox gym and SoulCycle fitness threatened to boycott both fitness facilities last week after learning that chairman Stephen Ross plans to hold a fundraiser for President Trump. Ross is a billionaire real estate developer and the owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Many people voiced their concerns about the gym when #BoycottEquinox began trending on Twitter last week. People argued the fitness facilities’ relationship held a political agenda and protested by canceling their memberships. 

The CEO of SoulCycle, Melanie Whelan, posted a letter to the members of SoulCycle detailing the company does not support or endorse the political funding. The letter also mentioned that Ross has nothing to do with the management at SoulCycle and is just merely an investor.

Equinox posted a letter explaining the company’s stance on the fundraiser last week.

“Many members have raised concerns about a political fundraiser taking place later this week. We want you to know that Equinox and SoulCycle have nothing to do with this event and do not support it. As is consistent with our policies no company profits are used to fund politicians,” Equinox stated. 

Jimmy Burgio, who has worked for Equinox and Pure Yoga for the past five years, expressed his concerns about the companies relationship with Ross on his Instagram. “I am a Mexican, gay American and the very real reality is that these are two of the most targeted and vilified demographics by the Trump administration today,” said Burgio. 

He also urged people to cancel their memberships to both Equinox and SoulCycle. 

Celebrities have commented on the relationship between Equinox and Trump. Model and T.V. Host Chrissy Teigen urged people to also cancel their memberships. Wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins Kenny Stills, criticized the owner of the Dolphins by tweeting, “You can’t have a nonprofit with this mission statement then open your doors to Trump.” 

“I always have been an active participant in the democratic process. While some prefer to sit outside of the process and criticize, I prefer to engage directly and support the things I deeply care about,” said Ross. 

He continued saying that he has known Trump for 40 years and does not agree with every issue. Ross said he engages with politicians for his concerns about his business to hopefully create more jobs, comments provided by Adam Beasley Miami Dolphins reporter. 

WHAT THE LEFT IS SAYING: “What should happen now is a lot of the celebrity @soulcycle folks should PUBLICLY disavow the company until the racist apologist is gone. #Boycottsoulcycle #BoycottEquinox,” Co-Host of “WokeAf,” on SiriusXM Progress, Danille Moodie-Mills tweeted.

WHAT THE RIGHT IS SAYING:  “CRY-BABY LIBERALS! Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has every liberal crying in their mommas basement for supporting Trump.They are Demanding he give his ownership away to his black players! They are going on a workout & hunger strike & demanding #BoycottEquinox  & Soul Cycle,” actor, comedian and commentator, Terrence K. Williams tweeted.

Written ByMaydeen Merino

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