It’s safe to say that beauty products and health services are evolving at a rapid rate. 

According to the NPD Group, “The beauty landscape is increasingly being shaped by DTC, experiential retail, and a whole host of indie brands. In a world with rapidly changing products and distribution models, it’s never been more important to know what is selling, where, why, and for how much.”

The NPD Group publishes annual reports to help the industry experts understand who is buying and how they’re buying. The days of purchasing products on a whim are diminishing as 50% of women are researching their skincare products online before purchasing. 

The current beauty industry is worth over $532 billion dollars and growing! According to Business Insider, “The rise of beauty vloggers sharing YouTube tutorials and posting about their favorite lipstick on Instagram continues to change the way consumers discover new products and engage with brands.

In recent years, many cosmetic companies and direct-to-consumer beauty brands have started eschewing traditional advertising altogether, in favor of tapping into the power of influencer marketing and brand ambassadors.”

Let’s meet some women that are admirable #WCW material making strides in the Beauty Industry all while balancing motherhood.

Jane Gardner, National Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International

  • What inspired you to become a female entrepreneur: I started in the corporate world but found the work unfulfilling along with wondering “How would my life look in 5 years?  Would my life change if I kept doing what I was doing?” Not liking the answer, I decided to ditch my paradigms of what I thought I should do and think outside the box.  Focusing on what I valued in “work” – purpose, time freedom, an uplifting tribe, empowerment – I found Arbonne. I didn’t realize it would come in that form at all. However, what I thought I should do originally led me to unfulfilling work in corporate. So, if I wanted different, I had to do something different. Arbonne checked all the boxes I was seeking.”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself: “I find entrepreneurship to be incredibly empowering. The freedom to schedule my time, choose who I work with and where I work is very freeing.  The personal growth I’ve experienced is one of the most unexpected rewards. I think it has made me a better friend, wife and most important to me, a better parent. My kids have watched me struggle, have doubts, set goals and work hard to achieve them and lead others to success.  I have learned I am capable of so much more than I had allowed myself to believe and in turn, I hope, have set that example for my kids. “
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur: “Expect adversity.  Lean in when challenge arises.  Success comes from how we handle the valleys, how resourceful and solution oriented we are willing to be.  My greatest growth has come from getting uncomfortable, leaning into it and continuing on. Hold the vision of where you are going. Trust the process and give it long enough.  Too often, people quit on themselves when just by staying the course, navigating the lows in stride, their success was just around the corner.”

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Valerie Delgado of Makeup Evolution, Beauty brick and mortar store

  • What inspired you to become a female entrepreneur: “My crazy ideas! I have a lot of them and a lot of them have become reality. Also moving up really fast in the companies I worked for, It felt good to be constantly evolving and I felt opening my business was the next step aka crazy idea.”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself: “I love the challenge of seeing how much I can evolve myself and my business. I also love seeing how much I can discipline myself in different areas. As in forcing myself to work everyday. I don’t have a boss to force me to come in and nor do I need to clock in. Which leads to another reason I love it… the flexibility is a plus! But it is easy to get heavy handed and that’s where the challenge of self discipline comes to play. A constant management of myself.”
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur: “I always go back and forth with this question. Owning a business is not easy but it’s possible. I don’t like to discourage nor set anyone up for failure. I used to say if they can do it I can or if I can do it you can do it BUT it’s not that easy. I can see why many people will throw in the towel and give up. But i believe in not looking back because it sets you back. So if you get started there should be no turning back.. We as humans talk ourselves out of things before into them. And just now the challenges and barriers and obstacle are LOUDER than that negative voice that talks you out of doing things rather than into them. With that being said the advice I can give from experience… teach yourself to turn the volume down on all that negativity and know how to bring yourself to the CORE of the reason you started. Because all rewards come after A LOT of hard work!”

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Brittany Cerrie of SoCal Sunless Spray Tan

  • What inspired you to become an entrepreneur: “I saw the hard work I was putting into making other people’s business flourish and realized I could be doing that for myself. I’ve worked in beauty for +12 years and I know the business like the back of my hand! While I was surpassing goals and retaining clients, I realized I could be putting that profit into my own pockets if I could find my own unique niche in the industry.”
  • What do you love most about working for yourself? Being a stay at home mom I really love the fact my schedule is so flexible. I usually take clients once my partner gets home from work. Some days I go to clients during the days if I have child care, other days loyal clients come to my house and get to hang with the baby for a bit which makes everyone happy! I can take time off for myself without having to worry about the logistics of finding coverage. It’s the perfect balance of family + networking time!”
  • Any advice for other females who want to become an entrepreneur: It’s not easy in the beginning, but with the right amount of drive and determination you can make it happen! Try to be as organized as you can, utilize technology, join social media networks within your industry to learn and support others who are also trying to make something of themselves. One of my favorite mottos to follow is collaboration over competition. There is plenty of business to go around, you just have to find your niche!”

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Written ByNatasha Dressler

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