Out of the 30,490 emails on Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized home email server, all but four of them were forwarded to a private Gmail address which appeared to show the name of a Chinese company, according to recently released documents.

The documents reveal nearly every email sent and received to Clinton’s server was also sent to “[email protected]“. The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) investigator, Frank Rucker, noticed the irregularity. Taking to Google, he searched for “Carter Heavy Industries,” which came up with results of a Chinese manufacturer of heavy machinery and excavators, Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

According to Rucker, he and ICIG attorney, Jeanette McMillian reported the findings to the FBI in February, 2016. The meeting included Peter Strzok, who had taken over as the section chief heading the Clinton probe. Strzok didn’t ask many questions and was “aloof and dismissive”, Rucker told Congress.

Despite Rucker and McMillian sharing their findings to top brass at the FBI, Inspector General Michael Horowitz did not address or include it in his 568-page report on how the Clinton email probe was handled by the FBI and DOJ.

However, the newly released documents do include the findings of Horowitz’s inquiry into the matter.

Horowitz details that the Carter Heavy Industries email account was created in 2012 by Platte River Networks – where Clinton’s I.T. manager, Paul Combetta worked. Allegedly, Combetta created the Carter Heavy Industries email to serve as a “dummy email”. Combetta used the email to transfer messages archived on Clinton’s private server to the Platte River Networks server in 2014.

The question remains with what Combetta did with the account between 2012 and 2014 and who else had access to it before and after the transfer. Combetta’s lawyer told Horowitz the Carter Heavy Industries was a “made-up name” and that it had no connection to Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Speaking to Congress, ICIG attorney Jeanette McMillian specified that her understanding of the Carter Heavy Industries email address that it was a “drop box” where the emails from the Clinton server were sent in real time.

“Even if you didn’t address an email to this address, the email went to it anyway,” McMillian said.

Horowitz’s final thoughts on Combetta’s assertions found there was no evidence to contradict his claims:

Accordingly, other than the similarity discussed above between the dummy email address and the name of a Chinese company identified by the former ICIG analyst and former Inspector General McCullough during a Google search, the ICIG and the DOJ OIG are unaware of any information that links Combetta or the dummy email address that he created with the Chinese government or a Chinese-owned company.

Written ByJon Hall

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    Why ?haven’t the podestas sat in a congressional or senate hearing and asked about peadophile code?

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    At Hillary Clinton’s request, the State Department released the first set of emails sent on her private account in May 2015, with many relating to the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

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