At his Thursday night rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, President Trump singled out a man who seemed to be a far-left protester causing a scene.

The person, who the President labeled as having a “serious weight problem” ended up not being an agitator, but instead a Trump supporter. Fox News identified the man as Frank Dawson, a Navy veteran and former police officer.

“Everything’s good. I love the guy. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to this country,” Dawson told a Fox News reporter afterward. The rally was briefly interrupted by protesters after Trump hit on the Democrat party and described his various political opponents as “fascists and Nazis”. Rally attendees began to boo the protesters and chanted “USA” as the demonstrators were escorted out of the arena.

According to Dawson, he had tried to take away the protesters’ signs. “[Trump] didn’t see me rip the signs away from the people. He thought I was part of it but I wasn’t”. Even with Dawson’s good-natured reaction to the incident, that didn’t stop the mainstream media from creating a story where there was none.

“‘Start exercising’: Trump insults rally protester for ‘serious weight problem'”, decried the Washington Post’s “Morning Mix” headline on Friday morning. Later in the afternoon, The Daily Beast ran “Trump mocks ‘serious weight problem’ of supporter at his rally”. Whether or not outlets correctly reported that Dawson was a Trump supporter, the story itself is nothing but the legacy media making a mountain from a molehill in their typical anti-Trump – at any cost – manner.

Dawson defended Trump yet not many headlines have made a note to point that out. Another thing the mainstream media is willfully leaving out… 

President Trump’s Manchester rally broke the all-time attendance record at the SNHU Arena previously held by Elton John.

Is it any wonder President Trump has labeled legacy news outlets as the “Fake News Media”? Mainstream media publications consistently omit and misconstrue events if it can be used to portray the President in a negative light.

However, it doesn’t take much digging to get to the truth behind fake news stories and the headline blitz surrounding Trump’s successful, massive Manchester rally is no different.

Written ByJon Hall

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