It seems like every time I look on Instagram the caption “Hot Girl Summer” has been part of most posts or memes the past few months. Curious what Hot Girl Summer actually stood for, I was able to get a breakdown, thanks to Vox. Megan Thee Stallion, the beautiful woman that started the phrase, broke down what she really means by “Hot Girl Summer” to The Root in an interview. I think her song lyrics here do it a bit of justice, “And when we say it’s Hot Girl Summer, we ain’t talkin’ ’bout degrees. Who unfollowed me? Like who don’t follow me?” YAS GIRL, YAS

Sure, captions include girls posing with the “official” drink of Summer ‘19 White Claw, and trust me: I’m not hating, I am obsessed with “The Claw” myself. Let’s be real, it tastes like an angel’s tears (wait, what?) and I might have drunk four of them before deciding to write this article. #SorryNotSorry

So while on my fifth White Claw, staring into the Instagram abyss, I realized there is a Hot Girl Summer movement happening and it’s all about positive body affirmation. Truthfully, I love it. I think it’s wonderful and should be celebrated. Look at the beautiful woman like Lizzo and her confidence. Lizzo is not shy to wear clothes that show her curves and she does this in a way where she owns it. Beyond Lizzo, it really is inspiring to see women of all shapes and sizes be proud and own it. 

Beyond the five White Claw before bed, I was inspired to write about the “Hot Girl Summer” movement because of something that was said to me earlier this evening. Someone who was interested in me from one of the good ‘ol dating apps was texting with me and he mentioned to me that he had a thing for “BBW,” or Big Beautiful Women. This is something I always struggle with hearing. I don’t know why it bothers me somewhat but it does. It could be that I have always struggled with my weight and mostly it’s due to health factors, like suffering from PCOS and Endometriosis. It’s that constant battle with internal insecurity of people thinking you’re lazy or eat horribly when it’s not always the case. I’m sharing this not for sympathy but to let you know, no matter your size, I know we all struggle with body image issues. Whether I exude confidence or not, it’s an internal battle and I just need to build a bridge and get over it.

This all circles back to being your own version of beautiful. If wearing baggy clothes and pulling off the Billie Eilish look or wearing that Fashion Nova Curve Collection is where it’s at for you, then do you boo boo! Your Hot Girl Summer movement is what you make it and time to make it your b***h. So before summer comes to an end grab that White Claw, the bathing suit you might be afraid of, a giant inflatable unicorn and get it. Let’s own this ladies before Pumpkin Spice Latte Fall begins. For the love of all that is holy, I refuse to write about that PSL life. Nope, not ever, get out of here with it.

Written ByNatasha Dressler

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    Hmm. Sorry but I’m not sure of anything in-depth here , and absolutely nothing original in the message of “be happy in your own skin/shape etc. I’m sure Ms. Dressler means well, but at the same time the tone of her prose is one if someone obsessed with lower talented pop-culture personalities who no one would revile as someone to take advice from. Nothing more than what she explains has affected her weight and resulting body-image opinion, which okay, that’s her reasoning. But maybe not brag about how many nasty white claws she drinks, or whatever else (again) pop-culture topics that she thinks will validate her as some perky hipster (God forbid we ANY more of those laughably worthless folk) and maybe take more time to pen an article that has actual honesty, by taking a true,valuable look in the mirror. She might not like what she sees, but she will eventually will need to deal.

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    Nice article! I’m really behind the times now (it is now summer 2020) but I have been wondering about hot girl summer and Billie Eilish, and I think us women need constant reminders to reframe what we see in the mirror as beautiful and remind ourselves to be body positive and confident in this. I think I read recently something like 80 or 90 percent of women deal with the challenge of poor body image but we are also really good at desensitizing ourselves to this frame of view… compared to men. Go us! It is a constant struggle. I wonder if there is a future in which this is less of a struggle for so many of us. Also Vivmaria’s comment is the worst. May she change her thinking and find peace…

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