President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump traveled to Colombia last Thursday to meet with opposition leader Guaidó’s aides and a Venezuelan migrant camp as a part of a three-day tour in Latin America. According to news reports, she stopped by a women-run strawberry farm before visiting a migrant shelter run by Red Cross near Cúcuta, a city close to the Venezuela border. There she “bonded with a young boy in a wheelchair” while smiling “brightly.”

Ivanka was on a diplomatic visit of Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay with Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan to discuss the economic turmoil in Venezuela and women’s economic empowerment. On Wednesday, the State Department announced to contribute another $120 million for relief programs to support Venezuelan immigrants. The new package will bring total U.S. aid to $376 million. Ivanka announced the visit through a tweet from her account:

However, critics have found the Trump government’s move insincere. According to Luke Darby of GQ, “The Trump administration seems to view migrants from Central America and migrants from Venezuela very differently: The former are a dangerous threat to national security, while the latter are sympathetic figures, largely because Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has become something of a proxy for failed socialism for conservatives.”

Although Daily Mail expresses Ivanka’s visit to Latin America was for humanitarian purposes, the newspaper also brings up her father’s “controversial anti-immigration policies.” Anthony J. Tata, a retired brigadier general of the U.S. Army, also said “I think it is awesome that Ivanka Trump, it is very smart of the administration, to do this,” on Fox Business.

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