Around 48,000 automotive workers went to strike Sunday protesting for fair wages, affordable healthcare and job security. According to Cameron Joseph of Vice, Trump ran his campaign firm with promises to save the industrial Midwest and regenerate American manufacturing. In 2016, his narrow win came after unexpected victories in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where just enough traditionally Democratic, blue-collar voters switched parties or stayed home.

An international trade lawyer and auto industry expert, Daniel Ujczo of Ohio said, “I think it will hurt him. The president is in a very difficult position right now. Democrats are sitting there waiting for tooth and claw for him to prove that he really isn’t on the side of labor, with the hopes that they could gain those votes back in critical states.”

After President Trump tweeted, “Here we go again with General Motors and the United Auto Workers. Get together and make a deal!” autoworkers want Trump to stay out negotiations. According to a CNBC report, Adriane Hall, a 12-years-member of UAW from Flint plant, said, “He didn’t support us when we went bankrupt. I don’t think that’s something the UAW will ever forget… He didn’t support us then, why should he say anything now?”

Another 12-year union worker from Flint, Dekiea Rawls expressed she thinks the president doesn’t care too much about the union workers. Judy Batterbee, a UAW member of 22 years, agreed. “I don’t feel like it’s necessary,” she said. However, President Trump is careful, saying he doesn’t want to see the jobs go away, such as Mexico and China, then claiming “nobody is better to auto workers than me.”

On GM strike, he said, “I am sad to see the strike. Hopefully, it is going to be a quick one.”

Written ByEkim Kilic

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