A modern faction of Hispanic California conservatives has risen from the dead and is on a mission to make their presence known. Yes, you heard that right. The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of California (or RNHA-CA), a once dormant chapter of the national RNHA, is actively working to put conservative Hispanics back on the map in one of the infamously bluest states in America. In just a short time, they seem to have rapidly gained momentum among local conservatives, but what is this new group all about?

Anthony Cabassa, Chairman of the RNHA-CA, asserted that the revived organization’s goal is primarily to “educate the Latino and Hispanic community on policies, politicians, and legislature that affects California. What we want is fully informed voters and realizing that the state of politics in California is hurting its residents. We aim to inform and wake people up on policies that make people become dependent on government. We are especially targeting the Spanish speaking demographic as well.” 

Over the past month, the RNHA-CA has plunged full force into local Los Angeles communities inspiring others to get involved. 

When asked how the organization will achieve this goal, Cabassa stated three things: “We will hold conventions and events aimed at bringing knowledge on current legislation, how to fight higher taxes, homelessness and rising cost of living. We will give people the resources to go out and vote, when to vote, and how to vote to ensure we combat the things that are destroying our communities. We are focusing on tackling the issues that matter must to us head on. We work closely with candidates in office, or running and relaying them to the concerns of our people.” 

The RNHA-CA’s first organized clean up event was a success. After spreading awareness over social media and networking with local activists, they were able to mobilize more than 60 volunteers to help clean up the streets of Inglewood over Labor Day Weekend. Conservative activists Joy Villa, Mikaela Bearpaw, as well as, Congressional candidates Joe Collins (43rd District), and Jon Hollis (28th District), also volunteered their time and effort for the cause. 

Just a few weeks later, the RNHA-CA team joined a clean up in Hollywood, CA partnering with the Hollywood Village community. After just a few calls to action on social media, several new conservative Hispanics rallied to lend a helping hand. 

The RNHA-CA also attended the semi-annual California GOP Convention held in Indian Wells, CA where they hosted a debut event establishing themselves as the new face of the Hispanic conservative movement. Event speakers featured prominent Hispanic public figures including Congressional candidate/political activist Anna Paulina (15th District, FL), Host of Lives Matter – Drew Hernandez, and Founder of CounterCultureTV – Johnathon Miranda. These special guests gave powerful speeches to a jam-packed venue about issues affecting Hispanics and why it’s important to defend conservative values. 

According to Cabassa, this is one of many motivating events to come. His vision for the future of the RNHA-CA is this that “we are not an organization that wants to oversell our political status, we are an organization that wants to activate leaders in our communities, help elect the right people into Congress, and make a difference.” 

This is just the beginning for the RNHA-CA. They are one of the few political groups who are actively and physically taking matters into their own hands. It’s important to note that although they do want cleaner, safer streets, they are participating in these events with the hopes of encouraging bystanders, neighbors and locals to take pride in where they live and to show that change can be made. Many of the locals have simply become hopeless after seeing their community’s problems worsen year after year. The RNHA-CA is attempting to help turn that around by bringing enthusiasm for change. 

To find out more about them or get involved, visit their website or connect on Instagram @rnha.ca.

Written ByGrace Saldana

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