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Conservative commentator and BLEXIT founder, Candace Owens, slammed democratic politicians, mainstream media and rapper T.I during Turning Point USA’s Black Leadership Summit Thursday evening in Washington, D.C. 

Owens also condemned illegal immigration, Planned Parenthood and 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls. She additionally addressed her appearance before Congress in late September about confronting violence rooted in white supremacy.

“The awakening is happening in Black America – people are starting to realize that we’ve gotten absolutely nothing in the last 60 years to the allegiance to the left – we have absolutely nothing to show for it,” Owens said Thursday. “Yet we see the same commentators every four years right around election cycle, they start drumming up the race narration because they’ve realized we’re a deeply emotional community, so they use white supremacy to distract us from what’s actually going on in our communities.” 

The avid Trump supporter faced backlash when she appeared in a Joint Subcommittee Hearing last month, where she said white supremacy would not make the list for grievances directly affecting black Americans presently. 

“White nationalism sounds a lot better than illiteracy rates,” Owens said in the hearing. “I’m assuming we’re never going to have a hearing on that, which is a real epidemic facing black Americans and minority Americans today, which by the way, has a lot closer ties to our nation’s history to white supremacy.” 

Owens also reiterated she believes white supremacy exists, but that it does not rank on a list of 100 things affecting minority communities. The BLEXIT founder also referred to attacks such as the El Paso massacre in August that targeted Hispanics, which left 22 dead and dozens injured, as “fringe occurrences” used as political leverage to the left. 

Affecting blacks today, Owens stated in the hearing: “Number one father absence, number two the education system and the illiteracy rate, illegal immigration ranks high, abortion ranks high, white supremacy and white nationalism if I had to make a list again of 100 things, would not be on it.” 

According to data from the Department of Education, 75% of black California boys are unable to meet state reading and writing standards. Across the country, only 17% of black students scored proficient in literacy tests. 

The conservative powerhouse also made an appearance at Revolt Summit, where community leaders, rappers and political activists gathered in Atlanta to talk about issues facing black Americans. T.I and Owens went head to head throughout the night on multiple issues and headlines appeared the morning after that T.I had “shut down” Owens.

T.I went after Owens yelling, “which era in America was so great that we are trying to replicate?” to which Owens tried responding, “I’m gonna tell you, you’re not letting me finish”.

“Because you started with some bullsh*t,” T.I fired back. 

During the Black Leadership Summit, Owens called T.I an “ignorant fool” and a massive coward to believe America has never been great for black Americans and said “not a single fact” was brought to the summit.

“They’re puppets, they’re really just puppets,” Owens said Thursday. “Part of fighting back is saying, ‘you don’t get to strip me of my blackness because I’m smarter than you.'”

Written ByJamie Joseph

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