The 4th Democrat Debate ahead of the 2020 election was full of accusatory anti-Trump insults by candidates viciously competing for the nomination. Their hatred for the President was so bizarrely intense that CNN, the host of the debates, might as well have replaced the Pledge of Allegiance with a pledge against Trump. The Democrat debates seem to have morphed from what used to be intelligent discourse about whose ideas are the best and why – to nothing more than a pigsty of personal attacks, such as who hates the President more, who is the most progressive, and who will campaign the most strategically to “beat Trump”. 

This ideology, the “beat Trump” ideology, in and of itself, denies Americans a free and fair election. The Democrat candidates’ biggest goal is to beat a President who was fairly elected by the same public they are trying to win. Wait, so wouldn’t that mean “beat America”?

“We have an erratic, crazy president who knows not a damn thing about foreign policy and operates out of fear for his own reelection,” Joe Biden said Tuesday night.

Ironically, Joe Biden finds no issue fear-mongering the public himself, as he actively accuses Trump of doing the same – operating out of fear. Not only is this a tired tactic losing its effect because of its relentless use over the past three years, but the evidence for Biden’s entire statement is nonexistent. 

Democrats fear-mongered the public in 2015, claiming Trump would send us into World War III, when he is instead pulling American troops out of the Middle East. Biden claims Trump knows nothing of foreign policy, Trump was the first president to cross the borderline to North Korea. Just last week his administration negotiated Phase 1 Trade Deal with China.

Democrats swore collusion, Trump released transcripts which instead revealed how much Ukraine leadership loves Trump. Biden seems to have mistaken Trump defending himself against Democrats who are groundlessly trying to impeach him, for “operating out of fear for his reelection”. 

In general, it doesn’t seem like the Democrat contenders are genuinely trying to connect with the American public. 

Trump-hating aside, another significant talking point at the debate was how strategically the candidates will campaign and how far-left progressive each of them is. The candidates extensively discussed what states and counties they will stop at on the campaign trail, how they will get the red states’ votes, and how they will “outwork” President Trump. Doesn’t this sound more like they are campaigning to donors, elites and the DNC? The average citizen won’t vote for a candidate based on how they will hit the campaign trail. The public cares about comprehensive solutions to problems affecting them, real solutions, not fluffy philosophy like Bernie Sanders when he said, “we need a political revolution”. 

What the Democrats seem to be missing is the idea that Americans know what the problems are and the issues that are important to them. What they need are intelligent candidates who can explain how they will work to solve them. 

“I’m more progressive!” “No, I’m more progressive!” Just kidding. That didn’t happen, but it might as well have. Kamala Harris desperately failed at what seemed to be an attempted a power play with Elizabeth Warren Tuesday night. Harris confronted Warren about why she does not agree with her stance on permanently shutting down Trump’s Twitter account, repeatedly demanding that Warren “Join her” in saying the same. Warren would not comply, she rebutted with, “I don’t just want to push Donald Trump off Twitter, I want to push him out of the White House, that is our job.” 

(Sidenote: It’s their “job”? I thought their job was to be the candidate who best represents the will of the American people?) 

Anyway, neither of these ideas, canceling Trump’s Twitter nor getting him out of the White House, deal with any real issue facing Americans. It’s just circling back to the “beat Trump” attitude the candidates have had blind loyalty to. 

The 4th debate was at most a boring rotation between out of touch ideas, attacks on each other and hating Trump. This was not a campaign to the people, as it should have been, rather it looked like more a campaign to the financiers. The frontrunning Democrats seem to be begging to be sold. For what and to who – one might ask? Endorsements, money and of course the DNC nomination.

Just because they’re fighting for the nomination, doesn’t mean they’re fighting for the people. They are simply fighting tooth and nail to regain the White House at any cost, for the sake of redeeming their massive miscalculation in 2016 which resulted in arguably the greatest political upset in modern U.S. history – the Trump victory.

Written ByGrace Saldana

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