It’s no secret that the U.S has a major problem with mass shootings. These terrorizing attacks have caused citizens to panic and swiftly come up with some ineffective solutions. For example, many people believe that implementing significantly stricter gun laws will stop these villains from obtaining firearms, but the basics of criminal behavior and the black market prove this not to be true.

If someone is willing to commit mass murder, then they won’t care about gun laws. Therefore, if a mass shooter isn’t able to attain a gun legally, then they’ll simply get it from the black market. Once we find a way to significantly restrict illegal gun sales, then we will have the ability to completely stop people from obtaining deadly weapons. However, criminals have proven that they can sell a mass amount of illegal items – so until we find an effective way to stop them, mass shooters will always have a source to obtain illegal guns.

There are roughly 15-20 million semi-automatic rifles in the country, so obtaining those firearms would be quite the task. But, even if the government does knock door to door seizing each and every illegal gun, which will obviously never be permitted, criminals will still smuggle or manufacture them.

We need to increase the security of gun-free zones. The Crime Prevention Research Center found that over 90% of mass shootings happen in these areas. The El Paso shooter even admitted that he skillfully chose an area with weak security

We should still have gun-free zones, but it’s unsafe and unreasonable to allow gun owners to carry a firearm wherever and whenever they want. However, if an area is going to prohibit someone’s 2nd Amendment rights, then the property owner is responsible for providing the protection they took away. Public schools commonly have one or two resource officers to guard a flock of roughly 2,000 students. If these places were more skillfully protected, then the number of fatalities obviously wouldn’t be nearly as high.

One major similarity that these shooters have in common is the fact that many of them deal with childhood trauma. Even if they aren’t officially diagnosed with a mental illness, their traumatic experiences can still drastically impact their thoughts, actions and mental health.

Obviously, the majority of people who go through childhood trauma don’t become serial killers and mass shooters, because therapy does work for a lot of victims. But when therapy doesn’t work, the only option we leave patients are man-made medications, like Xanax. Sometimes these medicines can actually help, but prescription pills have been over prescribed and it’s made conditions worse. America isn’t making strides on treatment-resistant conditions.

For example, psychedelics have shown the ability to significantly help patients with severe trauma, yet American legislators have made it nearly impossible for us to even research their medicinal benefits. There is no guarantee that psychedelics will solve mass-shootings, but anything with the potential to improve our population’s mental health could definitely help.Overall, stricter gun laws just aren’t going to cut it. Severe gun laws can actually increase the overall crime and violence rates in our country because growing demands for the black market creates more illegal vendors or criminals. We’ve tried to ban other items, like drugs, and illegal sellers have simply proven that they’ll nearly always be able to fulfill their customers’ demands. Therefore, the most effective action we can take is to secure vulnerable lives in gun-free zones and eliminate the roots of these shooters’ incentives. If we can protect more people, significantly help treatment-resistant trauma and improve our population’s overall mental health, then we will start seeing reductions in mass shootings every year.

Written ByWilliam Moore

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