Complete chaos. Dreams dashed. Hopes ruined. Lives changed forever.

Minnesota rowed the boat and knocked Penn State from the top 4, but took its first loss against Iowa on the road. Iowa has a history of ruining 9-0 teams. LSU was in a rivalry trap game where we saw Joe Burrow throw 489 yards and 5 touchdowns. Ohio State continued to dominate its opponents. Oregon and Utah displayed their talents on Pac12 after dark. Alabama blew out Mississippi State after the heartbreaking loss to LSU, and now, LSU is off and running on the SEC West and Alabama is without its talented championship quarterback for the season in an unfortunate injury. Now for the predictions:

*Shade* – if your team is not mentioned, it is because I honestly believe they have no shot in the playoffs. 

Let’s start with Oklahoma. Jalen Hurts pull off a Tom Brady vs the falcons in the Super Bowl and came back from a 28-3 deficit.

Even the Atlanta Falcons tweeted their displeasure and shock. Jalen Hurts is having a monster year at quarterback as he defeated the undefeated Baylor squad to close in on the Big 12 championship. I believe they will face them again for the Big 12 title. Oklahoma still has a low percentage chance to creep into the top 4, but they will need a lot of help.

The Pac12 has its hopes resting on two teams, Oregon and Utah. Both are ranked in the top 10 and are on an apparent collision course to face each other for the Pac12 title. Oregon secured its berth by beating Arizona and displaying the track speed of the backs and receivers and the arm talent of Justin Herbert. Utah has a talented defense and offense in which they found their groove. We will be watching to see if Oregon can win it the conference for they have the strongest chance to represent the Pac12 due to the strength of schedule and they took Auburn to the wire. 

Clemson is running through the ACC and Wake Forest was no competition for them. Trevor Lawrence looks like a future pro. Travis Etienne is looking like a first-round draft pick. At this point, pick a receiver because they are caught everything. The defense is locking down their opponent and suffocating their offense. However, the conference is weak and so is their schedule. Texas A&M as a 4 to 5 loss team will be considered their best win. This may hurt them as they jockey for position within the top 4. They will remain there for now.

Ohio State is running through their opponents. Ranked or unranked, it doesn’t matter. This team is loaded from offense to defense as the Heisman Trophy Candidate Chase Young returns from his 2-game suspension from the NCAA, due to receiving benefits for his girlfriend to see him play in the Rose Bowl.

I fully expect Chase to play against Penn State, which will be the site of the next ESPN College Football Gameday. This is a top 10 matchup that will determine a spot in the Big 10 title game to potentially face Minnesota. After Penn State, they will face Michigan in what is called, “The Game”. Ohio State is expected to steam through their opponents as they worked to clinch another playoff berth. 

The SEC is the most hated conference in America. Social media can easily prove that. However, it boasts 5 teams that are currently ranked inside of the top 15. LSU survived its hangover trap game against its rival, Ole Miss, who displayed their third-ranked offense in the country, but Joe Burrow looked the part as the Heisman frontrunner. The receivers are still the best in the country and Mr. All Purpose Clyde Edwards Helaire had another great night and displayed his complete talents. LSU should remain the best team in the country regardless due to having 4 top 10 wins. The only team to have this stat. But, the defense was been through injuries and extreme criticism because of the way teams have scored them. But, not to fear anymore because help is on the way with Michael Divinity Jr. returning to practice this week. 

Auburn and the Gus Bus displayed their quick-strike abilities in the fourth quarter to come back on Georgia and just came up short on a poorly thrown ball by the true freshman Bo Nix. Georgia’s defense has played well and held them to 14 points. Florida embarrasses Missouri. Despite Florida’s coach Dan Mullen publicly rooting for Auburn to win, Georgia still booked its ticket to Atlanta for the SEC title game. 

Alabama was humming on all cylinders before the half until the unthinkable occurred. Tua Tagovailoa got hurt during a practice 2-minute drill near the end of the first half when 2 defensive tackle landed on him as he was throwing the ball away against Mississippi State. He was rushed and flown to the hospital in Birmingham, Alabama where it was announced that his college football career is over due to a broken right hip.

The heartbeat of the Crimson Tide and their hopes now rest in the capable hands of Mac Jones. It’s not ever yet for Alabama. The eye test remains as they will face Western Carolina and Auburn in the Iron Bowl. They must impressively win these games to have a case as the best one-loss team. I believe the committee will judge Alabama after these games with their quarterback, Mac Jones. 

My college football playoff rankings are:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Utah
  4. Penn State
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Minnesota

Who is in? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Written ByJeremy Maddox

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