The holidays are here! You heard that right, it is now officially “shop ‘til you drop season” for your loved ones. Black Friday is right around the corner for those that are ready to stand in lines for the next best deal, or Cyber Monday for those that like to shop in their pajamas from the couch like me. Whatever your financial situation is, I’m here to give you some ideas to help anyone that needs guidance or just a fresh idea. 

Budget Shopper:

There is nothing wrong with being on a budget. A few great and easy ideas:

  • Stocking Stuffer Section on Amazon has some actual AWESOME and substantial gifts for any age! My favorite items on there were the Light Saber Chopsticks and the Flask Bracelet
  • Grab a few bottles of wine or sparkling Italian soda at Trader Joe’s, a jar of pasta sauce, a box of pasta and some parmesan cheese. Throw it in a basket and boom: a useful gift for around $12!
  • Grab a prepaid movie ticket, some large boxes of candy (around $1 each at Walmart stores), put in a bag and call it a night out at the movies! 

The Do-Gooder:

This could be a family member or friend who has a heart of gold and loves charitable giving.

  • Make a donation to their favorite charity on their behalf, let them know in a card and explain why you decided to contribute to their favorite charity.
  • Plan time to take this person to their favorite charity to volunteer. Maybe it’s working a soup kitchen, packing lunches for the homeless or walking shelter dogs. Personally, I love Second Harvest Food Bank and have gone to pack food there several times. It would mean the world to me for those I care about to come do this with me.
  • Lokai Bracelets for men, women and children. These bracelets have a ball with water from Mt. Everest (Highest point) and mud from The Dead Sea (lowest point), representing the balance between highs and lows. 10% of their sales are contributed to their charitable partners. 

White Elephant/Coworkers:

Obviously you can use my Amazon Stocking Stuffer link above for some great gifts or go with the following that crack me up:

  • Potato Parcel! Yes, a personalized gift on a POTATO! I found this on Shark Tank and laughed the whole pitch! It was so memorable that I always recommend it! 
  • A funny framed photo of yourself. Hear me out – my boyfriend’s brother did this one year and it was the most argued over gift! Another person did this and framed themselves holding a $20 bill and most thought it was fake so they dismissed it! Once someone realized there was cash in it, fights begun!


Let’s be real, chocolate and stuffed animals are done unless they are for kids. It’s time to step it up for your parents or significant other. Personalized gifts are the way to go! Here are some ideas:

  • Etsy has never let me down when it comes to personalized gifts, BUT make sure it ships from the US or else you may not get it in time.
  • Him: cufflinks, money clip, art piece, flask, desk sign, or check out Etsy’s suggestions Gift Guide for Him.
  • Her: ring or necklace with map coordinates of where your first date was or where your wedding was, jewelry with children, grandchildren or animals names, personalized journal, art piece, or check out Etsy’s suggestions Gift Guide for Her.

The Person Who Has It All:

Honestly, call it a day and get them a gift card for somewhere they like to go. Stop wasting brain cells on the perfect gift. I mean, you could always get them an 8×10 framed photo of yourself chugging some White Claw or doing something else ridiculous. Guarantee they don’t have that on their mantle! 

Someone You Don’t Like:

Sorry, not sorry. There may be someone you don’t like – or fine – maybe want to prank. 

  • What’s worse than exploding glitter or a bag of gummy phallic-shaped items shipped anonymously? Well, a lot but it’s hilarious and sure to give you that Grinch Grin. Shop for them at Ship Your Enemy Glitter

I hope this gift guide was helpful and if not, blame the rosé I’m drinking. Feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll help you shop. Happy Shopping!

Written ByNatasha Dressler

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