The Democrat race-baiting game right on time for election year is back: Jew edition. Following several recent acts of violence committed against Jews in the New York area, the leftist MSM wasted no time in firing shots at President Trump, despite his official statements harshly condemning anti-Semitic attacks.

CNN analyst and former Obama official, Samantha Vinograd, criticized Trump stating he is “propagating anti-Semitic narratives” by failing to “call together a whole government approach on this issue”. Mayor Bill De Blasio implied that the White House is to blame when he stated an “atmosphere of hate… is emanating from Washington”. MSNBC host, Nicholle Wallace, told the world Trump is “insufficiently clear in denouncing anti-Semitism”. Washington Post reporter, Philip Rucker, also condemned Trump for being “very inconsistent” in addressing violence aimed at Jews.

Not only are these accusations totally unsubstantiated – but while the “do-nothing” Democrats relentlessly point their fingers at the President for not doing enough to support the Jewish community, they offer no solutions. 

Quick recap of 5 big things Trump has done to support of Jews in the past 3 years: 1) Signed executive order to protect Jews from discrimination on college campuses, 2) Made the most and strongest presidential statements condemning anti-Semitism domestically and worldwide, 3) Appointed the most pro-Israel ambassador to the U.N., 4) Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and 5) Closed the PLO office in Washington D.C. 

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a quote from one of the President’s many speeches condemning anti-Semitism, “The antisemitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and are a painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil.”

The left can’t seriously believe Trump isn’t supporting Jews enough. 

It is crystal clear that he is doing everything possible to promote Jewish welfare. Furthermore, what more do they think he should do? Neither CNN, DeBlasio, MSNBC, nor WP have offered a single alternative. Had it been gun violence – they would’ve taken this opportunity to push gun control, but one of the attacks was a stabbing, another was a punch in the face, in addition to other non-gun related acts. 

Let’s look at the left-leaning MSM’s coverage of Jews. 

If there is anyone responsible for promoting attitudes of anti-Semitism, it would be Democrats. They spend much of their time condemning Trump’s actions in Israel and criticizing any action he takes supporting American Jews. They spew biased stories promoting Palestine. They ardently believe the U.S. should cut all aid to Israel. On top of already hyper-negative press coverage of Jews, elected Democrat officials openly detest Israel. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has said that Israel, “has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Senator Bernie Sanders has referred to Israel’s president as “racist”. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has even been banned from visiting Israel due to the dangerous threat her pro-Palestine movement efforts pose to the Jewish state. 

Democrats are creating a war on Jews, scapegoating Trump for intervening with their agenda. 

The left said the President doesn’t “support” Jews enough. That version of “support” seems to simply mean demanding submission to their side of issues affecting Jews which is either completely vague or very hateful (think Omar, Sanders, Tlaib). If Trump chose not to help Jews and Israel there would probably be less hostility toward them, as it would eliminate Democrats’ opposition narrative. Jews would be forced to succumb to the pressures of leftists who hate them. If that’s what they mean by “support”, that would be truly anti-Semitic. 

Yet, Trump refuses to deny help to Jews – and Democrats still call him anti-Semitic? Sorry Democrats, he isn’t anti-Semitic because he can’t control attacks against a minority that are influenced by your inciteful rhetoric and politicians. 

So long as Trump disagrees with the left and acts against what they want, the MSM will continue to hurl false accusations at him no matter what the evidence shows. Don’t forget – during the 2016 election cycle all we heard from the media and Democrats was “Trump is a racist, he hates Blacks and Mexicans and immigrants!”. It seemed like every day the sensationalist media was blowing up with new riots, protests, or violence against people of color. Then Trump won. The violence disappeared. Now it’s 2019 and the 2020 election is right around the corner. Hispanic, Black, and Asian employment rates are at all-time highs. Presidential approval ratings with minorities are rising. The old arguments Democrats once used to cry racism have lost their relevance and effect. It’s obvious that inciting violence against the Jewish community while blaming President Trump has become both their next best option and a new low.

Written ByGrace Saldana

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