Justin Bieber has returned to the limelight in 2020 with a brand new single titled, “Yummy”. This single sparks a new echelon in Bieber’s career. Under the new hashtag #BIEBER2020, the iconic singer is already making bold strokes in the music industry. In late 2019, he announced a new tour which will begin May 14 and more recently, a ten-part documentary series hosted by Youtube Originals.

In the past five years, a lot has happened to Canadian-born singer-songwriter. He released his last record, Purpose, amidst a wave of controversy and took a break from his career to clear his mind. In that time, Bieber got married and often posted about his faith and personal growth on social media. 

However, his recent emergence has not come without its own fair share of controversy. Back in Oct. 2019, Bieber posted a photo asking his fans for 20 million likes and in return, he would release an album by Christmas of that year. The post has since been deleted, but Capitalfm.com reported it had garnered at least 7.4 million likes. 

In the same vein, Bieber came under fire for guiding his fans into cheating the streaming system giving him no. 1 in the U.S. In another deleted Instagram post, Bieber asked his fans to amplify Spotify and Apple Music streams by making a playlist with only “Yummy” in it and playing it on repeat. He also encouraged fans to let it play on low volume while they slept and buy  it multiple times on his website.

While a little heavy-handed, his method worked and today Bieber is no. 1 on the digital sales chart and the only artist with two top-five hits on the Billboard top 100. However, that doesn’t mean he’s number one. He was actually beaten by rapper Roddy Rich for his single, “The Box.” Nonetheless, Bieber took it in stride and congratulated the rapper on his Instagram: “(Roddy Rich) You had to go and make a banger smh! Haha ur the man!! Love the song!! congrats on your first #1!! Everyone go stream #thebox.”

2020 is slated to be a very busy year for Justin Bieber and his dedicated fanbase. Only time will tell what this new era means for his future as an artist.

Written ByFabian Garcia

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