Brandon Andre is a multi-talented rising independent pop/r&b artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Starting out his musical career by doing a gospel rendition of See You Again in 2014, the 27-year-old has released many successful tracks like “Fantasía” or “Do To Me” that have totaled over 170,000 streams on Spotify. 

Andre recently launched his debut EP titled “1992” with a new lead single called “Too Late.” With the phrase on the description of his song being, “don’t wait until it’s too late to be a good friend,” the song deals with the struggles of anxiety, depression, and friendship. He released a lyric video and later dropped a music video that is a short film on Feb. 28, 2020 which he himself wrote and directed.

The establishing shot of the music video is two guys playing basketball together which signifies the relationship between them as being very close friends. The song instantly walks the viewer through the story and is a first-person testimony of the complicated history between the two friends when one of the friends (played by Alexander Jones III) notices his other friend (played by Antonio Becerril) indulging in alcoholism and drug use. The good friend tries to stop his best friend from the lifestyle he had been caught up in, but the other friend starts to push him away and eventually initializes a brawl between them that destroys their friendship. The two friends are shown in the beginning to have a strong, brotherly relationship, but eventually grew to have extremely contrasting personalities. The music video focuses on the perspectives of both the friends, Becerril’s character in the first half and Jones’s character in the last half.

When it comes to the viewpoint of the first friend, he is seen as having a naive personality. He likes to “live the moment” and “have fun” by blackout drinking with his friends. Becerril’s character is also seen as someone who isn’t aware of the mistakes he commits and rather than understanding what his best friend is trying to do, he is seen publicly rejecting and humiliating his friend by punching him in front of their friends at a party. This moment is where their friendship breaks apart after Becerril’s character decides to choose his new lifestyle where people praise and accept him over his best friend who had always been there for him.  

The other friend, played by Alexander Jones III, is shown as a person who tries to think rationally before doing anything and is the only good influence Becerril’s character has in his life. He is depicted as a person who deeply cares about his friend, doesn’t hesitate when it comes to calling out his mistakes, and is always there to help when his friend is down. Later on in the story, Jones’s character is shown to be suffering from major anxiety and depression which isn’t immediately obvious because in the first half of the story the audience only sees him trying to save his friend. He makes attempts to reach out to his best friend, but the best friend is seen blowing him off to hang out with people who were badly influencing him. His situation takes a turn for the worst because he commits suicide by overdosing which ends up being the twist in the story because the viewer is set up to believe that it was the other friend who was making self-destructive choices that were going to be the one losing his life. 

The music video under five minutes covered a deeply impactful message of friendship and brotherhood. Lyrics like, “I was blind, I was selfish” and “the sound of ya silence is startin’ to haunt me” are used to convey the self-reflection that the main character goes through after discovering his bad habits led him to abandon his best friend and leave him to deal with his problems alone.

The film also reminds the viewer of the significance of communication and how valuable friendships really are. In this story, a life is lost because one friend failed to notice that the other friend was suffering. It is also a brutal wake-up call that those who on the surface appear to be the strongest may actually be the ones who are struggling the most. Andre also has the national Suicide Prevention Hotline number written on the description box of his music video and is opening up his Instagram for people to message him and discuss the film.  

“Too Late” the song is built in a way that feels as though it is supposed to be the soundtrack to the film as the lyrics completely parallel the story. The music is not too upbeat and not too facile while the lyrics are very emotional and raw. The most underlying theme that is presented throughout this film is REGRET: The regret that one feels after losing a loved one to suicide knowing that they should have been there to prevent it if only they weren’t so “caught up to see that you was hurtin.” 

Andre has taken a different route from all of his other songs by releasing an emotionally raw track that tackles one of the most senstive topics today in the most heartbreaking way.

Written ByPankhuri Bhutani

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