LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Scriberr News has obtained exclusive footage from an insider source which shows Chinese doctors placing deceased children into body bags at a hospital in China. The timestamp of the footage is unknown, but it circulated on the Chinese messenger app WeChat at the end of February before officials removed the footage. 

The source who sent the footage to us asked to remain anonymous out of safety concerns, so she will be referred to as Alana in this article. 

Since the outbreak, Alana has been able to flee from China to its neighboring nation Taiwan, amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Taiwan has been named the victor of the pandemic due to its early knowledge that COVID-19 could spread from person-to-person.

Taiwanese officials sent information from the medical staff in China to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31, 2019, but the WHO ignored this message. 

“When news started covering intensively on coronavirus, it was the start of the Chinese New Year holiday,”  Alana told Scriberr News. “Assuming a mass hysteria will attack, my boyfriend was quick on fetching us N95 masks on Taobao [China’s Amazon].”

Alana and her boyfriend made the decision to leave after stepping outside their apartment on Jan. 26 to an eerie reality. 

“There was only one time I stepped out of my apartment, was for frozen dumplings,” she explained, because online grocery ordering was already booked up.

“For the past couple of CNY I spent in Shanghai, there would be visibly fewer people out on streets, but that one time during coronavirus outbreak, there was literally no one,” she explained.

“No cars were out in sight. That was a huge warning for me, to be honest, I was actually pretty afraid.”

Chinese New Year was on Jan. 25 this year. The first reported case outside of China, in Thailand, was reported on Jan. 13. 

Alana said that even by then, the masks were already overpriced. Her boyfriend spent 500RMB, or $72 USD, on five packs of masks with three in each pack, “which was already considered expensive,” she said. 

“For five days we self quarantined at my Shanghai apartment, only to order groceries online and cook every meal,” said Alana. “By that time, there was more coverage on coronavirus and even international media was talking about it.” 

She explained every day there were more cases, and “with already a subjective view on Chinese media, my immediate thought was that the data would have been doctored and we would just have no way of finding out the truth.”

Alana is fearful of what will become of her, as she refuses to go back to mainland China. She said she believes China is hiding figures “so that the public could start working again.” 

With many outlets reporting that China has done a great job of containing the virus, the reality is grim for Chinese citizens ringing the alarm. China’s state-run media continues to push propaganda that suggests the virus originated in the U.S.

“I even stopped checking the news on WeChat, mostly fueled with propaganda news on how there is no new case in Shanghai–but oh, look at what’s happening at the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Italy.”

On Feb. 29, just a day after Alana sent the footage to Scriberr News, Reuters reported there were a total of 573 new cases, compared with 427 a day earlier, according to the National Health Commission, even though Chinese authorities said the situation was getting better.

“It would be difficult for me if I go back, then fly out,” said Alana. “Taiwan, due to their current policy, will not accept me (a foreigner) into its borders. And even if I head to Australia … with past travel records in China, I will be sent to Christmas Island first, for strict quarantine.”

She added: “I am pro-democracy and definitely am not buying into any of the figures shared by communist China.”

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