“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy,” Founding Father James Madison famously said.

During this unprecedented time when the most successful and prosperous country in the world is completely shut down due to a foreign virus, it’s worth asking the question of whether or not forcing Americans to stay in their house, lest they desire to be fined or arrested, is proving effective in the government’s goal to save what we were told was millions of lives in lieu of the COVID-19 threat. 

While a global pandemic is obviously an extreme circumstance that requires the government to take action to ensure public safety, a national shut down that blatantly violates our civil liberties is egregious and has never been done. 

However, while the government and media are responsible for this drastic response, they alone are not to blame. 

Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of the vast punishable by law stay-at-home orders, aside from mass hysteria, is the utter complacency from the American people. 

Americans, with varying political views, fiercely defended the tyrannical orders out of pure, unfounded fear––chastising anyone who would dare question the narrative, shaming others, and virtue signaling to show their allegiance to supposed “science.” Just to find out later that the predictive models the medical experts touted to sway public opinion in favor of mass shutdowns, dramatically decreased from doomsday death tolls of millions to hundreds of thousands, to tens of thousands. Now, the numbers are turning out to closely resemble those of the regular flu. 

No, I’m not saying the coronavirus is a hoax. I’m saying the damage caused by the excessive response, far outweighs the threat. 

Depression, suicide, and domestic abuse rates are increasing. Unemployment is rising, small businesses are closing, and entire industries are being decimated. Psychologists are expressing concern for how these long-term lockdowns will affect people. 

A Sacramento doctor revealed crisis intervention workers at WellSpace saw a massive 40% spike in calls to the suicide prevention hotline in March due to concerns about job security and the economy. According to Medical News Today, the WomensLaw.org email hotline has seen a tripled amount of inquiries for help relating to domestic violence, since lockdowns began. Unemployment claims went from record lows to 26.4 million. 

Furthermore, even hospitals are laying off staff due to a lack of patients – during a pandemic. This void of patients are people who are very ill and desperately need life-saving surgeries. Doctors informed patients many “elective” surgeries will be postponed due to concerns of potential coronavirus complications. Elective means anything that is not immediately life-threatening – to put it simply if you don’t need to be in the ER for it, you don’t need to have it right away. Including cancer and heart surgeries. 

If that isn’t reason enough to question the shut-down narrative, state governments are disgustingly abusing their power. Forget Constitutional Rights. What are those? You only have “rights” when the government lets you. You can be arrested or fined for any arbitrary reason the government decides is in the best interest of “slowing the spread.” It is now punishable by law to: organize a protest, surf, sit in a park, go in public without a mask, hold a church service, go to a friend’s house, travel across state lines, or anything else your local government considers “non-essential.”

Initially, state officials attempted to deem gun stores as “non-essential,” only to find much pushback from 2nd Amendment activists, resulting in re-opening with proper social distancing protocols. If only Americans were that passionate about all our rights. 

But the tyranny doesn’t end there. New technologies are being ushered in to track and report people in the name of public safety. 

Drones are surveilling social distancing. Dr. Fauci supports “immunity cards” for coronavirus patients. Mayors like Bill DeBlasio of New York and Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles are publicly telling citizens to report one another for violating social distancing rules. Cities across the country are launching apps that make it easy for people to directly report neighbors to law enforcement. 

Politicians are praising Apple and Google for working together on a contact tracing technology that monitors the spread of cases by alerting users to potential exposure. Why is this dangerous? If you have the coronavirus, you can be tracked, and others can be alerted of their distance to you and potentially be forced to quarantine. It’s big tech x big gov working to surveil you. Not to mention there are big 4th Amendment concerns that beg the privacy question. 

At this point, it’s clear that the cure is becoming worse than the problem. 

Normalizing government surveillance, shutdowns, and draconian enforcement measures is incredibly dangerous to our public health both physically and ideologically as a free country.

This pandemic has shown us thus far that our Constitutional rights are conditional at best. If we want any level of permanence in these rights we were given to restrain the government, it is vital that we exercise them and refuse to give them up even in (what we are told is) “unsafe” times.

We should never be so afraid of something, that we blindly surrender our livelihoods and even lives. Like the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson once said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

Written ByGrace Saldana

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