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The Dodgers brought their brooms with them on their trip to Houston this week for their two-game series with the Astros as they completed a sweep with Tuesday night’s win in extra innings.

After the benches cleared out on Monday night during an altercation, and then the 13-inning battle on Tuesday, it’s safe to say that this series was everything fans hoped it would be.

After finding out several months ago that the Astros did, in fact, steal signals during the 2017 World Series against the Dodgers, Los Angeles came into this week’s series with fire in their eyes. 

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly ignited the heated exchange between the two clubs on Monday night as he began mocking shortstop Carlos Correa, who had publicly made negative comments about Dodgers players in the offseason in regards to what was going on back in 2017.

The altercation resulted in an 8-game suspension for Kelly, which is detrimental to the club when considering the fact that fellow pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood are out as well with injuries.

Nevertheless, the Dodgers were still able to pull off the sweep and get back into their winning ways with 5-2 and 4-2 victories on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

It’s safe to say that their starting pitching depth lived up to the hype despite the continuous subtractions. Edwin Ríos stole the show on Tuesday night with a game-winning homerun in the 13th inning. 

Despite the incident that occurred between Kelly and Correa the night before, Tuesday’s game was clean, giving some fans hope that the animosity may be dying down.

In accordance with a new Major League Baseball rule put into effect this season, each team began each extra inning with a runner on second base. After an RBI by Mookie Betts in the top of the 11th, Correa responded with an RBI of his own to keep the Astros’ hopes alive.

Edwin Ríos crushed those hopes in the top of the 13th as he smashed a homerun into the stands to give Los Angeles a lead they were able to hold on to in order to seal the deal and complete the sweep. 

The Astros will be heading to Anaheim to take on the Angels on Saturday night at 4:07 PM PST. Meanwhile, the Dodgers look to continue their hot streak on Wednesday night at 6:40 PM PST in Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks.

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