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The year 2020 continues to impress our world as we try to adapt to the reality we are facing. The month of August brought historical events such as heat waves that reached triple-digit temperatures, sporting events that were voluntarily canceled due to the Black Lives Matter movement, and for the first time ever, a Democratic National Convention that was held virtually. 

Although this year’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a majority of it took place virtually. From Aug. 17–20, viewers were able to stream the DNC across multiple media platforms. Political leaders and government officials alike tuned in from their computers and some even gave their speeches from the comfort of their own homes. 

The DNC was slated to air in July, but ultimately got pushed back a month due to COVID-19. Reports state that Democratic officials encouraged their remote speakers to find visual locations that were appealing to the public or that held symbolic meaning rather than speaking in front of a bookshelf. The Democrats were the first to take the stage ahead of the Republicans, trying to convince viewers that their party is capable of running the United States of America. 

Day 1 

The first night was led by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders as they gave virtual speeches that focused on getting Donald Trump out of the White House. Michelle Obama’s words focused on the current state of our country, why Joe Biden is the best fit to represent the Democratic party during the presidential election.

In the latter half of her speech, Mrs. Obama took jabs at the current P.O.T.U.S by using a phrase he used when referring to the death toll caused by the coronavirus.

“Donald Trump is the wrong President for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he could do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He can not meet this moment,” she said.

She then ends this statement with President Trump’s infamous phrase, “He simply can not be who we need him to be for us… it is what it is.” 

During Bernie Sanders’ speech, he encouraged his followers to support Joe Biden during this year’s election despite their recent disagreements.

He also made it clear that Donald Trump is not fit to be president and said, “The future of our economy is at stake. The future of our planet is at stake. We must come together, defeat Donald Trump, and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next president and vice president.” 

Not only did Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders take the time to express their reasoning as to why President Trump was not capable of running our country, but the Democrats took an interesting approach by trying to show a sense of unity between both political parties. The DNC allowed representatives from the Republican party to speak on why we must elect a new president. 

Overall, the opening day of the Democratic National Convention focused more on overthrowing Donald Trump, rather than emphasizing tactics focused on changing the current state of our country. 

Day 2 

The second night of the DNC brought speeches from former President Bill Clinton, the Democratic nominee’s wife Jill Biden, and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among others. Jill Biden expressed that her husband would bring unity to our country and argued that her husband has what it takes to make a broken nation whole.

“We just need leadership worthy of our nation. Worthy of you. Honest leadership to bring us back together to recover from this pandemic and prepare for whatever else is next. Leadership to reimagine what our nation will be… that’s Joe,” Jill said, giving her speech in an empty classroom at Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Delaware where she formerly taugh.

“He and Kamala will work as hard as you do every day to make this nation better,” she said. 

Like Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton focused his speech on why Donald Trump is unworthy of running our country and how Joe Biden will restore our nation as the next President of the United States. Clinton ridiculed Trump and said “At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center, instead it’s a storm center. It’s only chaos. Just one thing never changes, his (Trump) determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame.”

“Now you have to decide whether to renew his contract or hire someone else. Our party is united and offering you a very different choice… our choice is Joe Biden,” he said.

United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a different approach than her former Democratic representatives by focusing her speech on co-signing Bernie Sanders as the second nominee for the presidential election. 

Day 3 

The third day showcased a stellar lineup of political stars who gave their input at the Democratic National Convention. Former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris were among those who spoke on behalf of the Democratic party. Each person who spoke continued the theme of bashing on President Trump as they focused on the mistakes he has made during his presidency. 

Kamala Harris has become the first Black woman and first South Asian American woman to be nominated as Vice President of the United States. Representing the Democratic party, Senator Harris introduced herself to many Americans for the first time while taking the stage at the DNC. Her speech addressed her upbringing, personal life, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Trump’s fallacies. She accepted her nomination with joy and determination, expressing how her and Joe Biden would rule our country in the best way possible. 

Former President Barack Obama wasted no time in belittling Trump as he focused his speech towards how the current P.O.T.U.S failed to rule our country after he left office back in 2016.

“Donald Trump hasn’t grown into the job because he can’t and the consequences of that failure are severe,” said Obama.

“170,000 Americans dead. Millions of jobs gone, while those at the top take in more than ever. Our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished, and our democratic institutions threatened like never before,” he said.

Obama ended his speech by encouraging Americans to vote this upcoming election because the outcome may determine the fate of our country. 

The Democrats pushed an overall theme on the second to last day of the DNC: voting. Each person who spoke urged Americans to go out and vote. Many political leaders believe that this year’s election is shot due to COVID-19 and that many people will feel discouraged to vote. But in order to keep the country afloat, the Democratic party believes that voting for the right candidate is a key element towards turning the United States in the right direction. 

Day 4     

On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered his acceptance speech by stating that this year’s running will be a “life-changing election.” His speech reflected on his personal struggles of losing loved ones, his values, some of his policies he plans to implement if he becomes president, and of course, how Donald Trump has failed as a leader. 

During his acceptance speech, he ensured the American people would not be let down by his nomination. He proclaimed, “Here and now, I give you my word. If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness.” He added, “It’s with great honor and humility, I accept this nomination for President of the United States of America.” 

Election day will be held on Tuesday, November 3. Due to social distancing measures, officials are planning to have ballots completely virtual to ensure the voting experience will be easier for most people. 

Written ByIsaiah Castaneda

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