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President Donald Trump held a rally at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept. 15, resulting in road closures and an outburst of protests. 

Kalen D’Almedia, Scriberr’s field reporter, said there were pro-Trump rally goers and “radical fundamental evangelicals” performing worship music on Market St. on the corner of 5th and 6th. Philadelphia Police officers guarded the perimeter. 

Anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter demonstrators counter-protested the group.

“Refuse Fascism and BLM organizers gave speeches and marched,” D’Almeida said. “But later in the march, they couldn’t figure out what to do. They were arguing about where to go. Groups kept splintering off and getting smaller.”

Protesters marched toward the city hall, but caused gridlock on N Broad St. and Vine St. Expressway.

“They marched through traffic and caused grid lock,” D’Almeida explained.

“They tried to go on the freeway and it didn’t work out. Police on bikes blocked the entrance and the end of the on-ramp which forced everyone back onto surface streets. After that, they went back to city hall and a black trans woman gave some closing statements.”

No arrests were made and no injuries or vandalism were reported. 

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