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Miami is a city known for its lavish nightlife, fast cars, bougie restaurants, and social media influencers.

On Sept. 1,  Beam Squad and Sun And Sky Entertainment launched Miami’s first social media content house, the Squad House Miami, alongside social media superstars, Zayd Elie, Austyn Brown, The Driplets, Beam Squad, Trinity Morisette, Alex Holem, Mckenzi Brooke, Reif Harrison, The Lawyer and others. 

The house collectively has over 35 million followers between all of its members and over 7 billion views between them.

So what’s a content house? According to Flare Media, “content houses themselves are pretty new. In essence, these homes are a physical space for creators from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to collaborate.” 

Content houses are places where creators live together, create content and share the same culture. 

So how does the Miami Squad House compare to others?

A couple major differences between regular content houses and Squad House Miami: 

  • Squad House offers creators that are non-permanent residents to essentially book a rent free “week-end stay” at the house, provided the creator collaborates with the other members of the house. 
  • The house doesn’t only work with TikTokers, the house welcomes all talents from different artistic backgrounds.

Zayd Elie 19, COO of Squad House Miami, was one of the first creators welcomed into the house and is also known as the house manager and Chief Operating Officer. 

Zayd has over 6 million followers on Tik Tok and gained a large audience by making prank videos. Along with Zayd, Evanie Louis, 27, CEO of the house and is also the founder of Beam Squad. Louis is the creative brain of the house and has nearly two million subscribers.

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Where did the idea of content houses originate?

The topic of content houses has been in the spotlight since late 2019, but the first content house can date back as early as 2016, when the Faze clan formed a content group. 

In Dec. 2019, Thomas Petrou, E.X. team 10 member formed the now infamous Hype-House, and ever since then, content houses have been one of the social media’s biggest trends.

Squad House Miami has an advantage over other houses because they don’t just have Tik-Tokers. They also have YouTubers, music artists, gamers and other kinds of creators. 

Austyn, 18, also known as Ajrbrown on TikTok, is a permanent resident of Squad House Miami. He’s a prime example of a creator who does not follow the “Tik-Tok Norm.” 

Austin happens to be a card game enthusiast, selling over a million dollars in card games. He’s worked with card brands such as Cards-Against-Humanity and What Do You Meme? 

“My fans are my family,” Austin told Scriberr News. 

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What does it take to maintain a content house? 

What the viewers and fans don’t know is the amount of work it takes to make a content house work, and that’s where Sun And Sky Entertainment (SASE), one of the premier social media management firms, takes place. 

SASE has been around for over a decade. They started out managing music artists then moved into the social media space. 

In early 2020, the partners of SASE and Beam Squad had the idea of forming a content house that was family-friendly and incorporated all aspects of social media. Thus, Squad House Miami was born.

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While the house has only been around for a few months, there is a lot more to come out of these young creators. In Nov. 2021, Squad House Miami is slated to go on their first tour presented by SASE. 

Make sure to keep up with Squad House Miami (@squadhousemiami) on all social media platforms, and also make sure to follow all of Squad House Miami creators.

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