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Logan Paul, 25, pulled a 1999 First Edition Charizard while on YouTube live with over 300,000 live viewers from around the world on Oct. 9.

Most celebrity YouTubers have eccentric and lavish lifestyles, but some rather dish out $200,000 on the original First Edition Pokémon playing cards. This is exactly what American YouTuber Logan Paul did.

Paul picked up this vintage set of playing cards at “Heritage Auctions” Texas on Sept. 10––sold for $198,000––almost doubling the record for selling a mint Pokémon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box, which is part of the 1999 Wizards of the Coast series.

He originally announced he was going to be doing an unboxing on the rare pack of cards on his podcast, Impaulsive, in late September.

But $200,000 is no joke, so Paul sold each pack of cards for an estimated $10,000 each and unboxed them while on his podcast live stream late Friday night. The box set contains about 36 packets on 11 cards, so essentially Paul’s investment turned into a $360,000 outcome, making a profit of over $150,000.

Screenshot of Logan Paul’s YouTube Live

So why is Pokémon so hot right now?

Pokémon has always been a beloved franchise, but recently, many 20-somethings want to buy the cards to relive moments from their childhood. This resulted in skyrocketing card prices.

In addition, everyone is still trying to find the $300,000 First Edition Charizard Card. Let me explain, if you don’t know what a Charizard is, it is the rarest Pokémon card, and there were only about 3,000 made, and only about 1,800 of the First Edition Charizard exist. And even less than that, about 150 of them are rated a 10 PSA, meaning they are in perfect condition.

About an hour before the live stream aired, Mike Majlak, co-star on Impaulsive, tweeted “60,000 people already waiting for this to start. Unreal.”

About halfway into the show, Paul pulled a PSA 9 or above First Edition 1999 Charizard. This was a huge deal to Logan considering the rarity of the card.

Paul wanted to bring meaning to this live unboxing, so he partnered with The National Alliance On Mental Illness, an organization that helps the mentally ill. The two-hour podcast generated just under $80,000 with an added $50,000 that Logan pitched in himself bringing the overall amount raised to over $150,000.

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