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Gen Z and Millennials differ from older generations in views on Trump, role of government and growing diversity in U.S.
Chart from Pew Research Center

With election day less than a month away, young voters are preparing for their very first presidential election in ways no one has had to before. 

In this election, one in 10 eligible voters is part of Gen Z, which means older generations will make up less of the voter population than in 2016.

In a new study by Pew Research Center, they found: “Younger generations differ significantly from older generations in their views on key social and political issues.”

A freshman music major at Columbia College Chicago said she wasn’t originally going to vote, but after having conversations with friends and colleagues, she recognized how important it was for her to vote. 

“My views are very different from a lot of people at school,” she told Scriberr News. “So sometimes it’s hard to express my opinions to my peers and friends.” 

The generations defined

“Being at Columbia and seeing everyone hating Trump I feel sometimes that I have to bash and hate him too,” she added that she does not want to be hated for her political views, so she avoids the topic altogether. 

Other students are more outspoken about their political opinions. 

“We’re at an age where family and relatives have such a huge impact on our thought process,” Sydney Davis, a junior creative writing major at Columbia College Chicago said. “I hope our generation really thinks for themselves, will watch the debates, will read, fact checking, and vote.”

Day to day life is often influenced by local politicians and their policies, but many voters tend to not pay as much attention to those elections as they do national ones.

Davis said “it’s important to research your local politicians. It has such a big effect on your city, neighborhood, and community.”

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