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President Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Katrina Pierson took to Twitter to thank Ice Cube for working with the Trump administration to help develop the Platinum Plan on Oct. 13. 

The Platinum Plan is President Trump’s “Promise to Black America.” It aims to improve racial and economic injustice by increasing capital to Black communities, amounting to $500 billion.

However, the move drew both criticism and support. Ice Cube took to Twitter to clear the air and explain that he was not in any way endorsing Donald Trump, however, he was advising him through his own established plan, the Contract With Black America (CWBA).

Ice Cube explained that the Republican Party was not the only one to get in contact with him regarding the Platinum Plan, but the Democratic Party made it clear that he was not allowed to bring up the plan until after the election. After connecting with Republicans, Ice Cube explained that they met right away and some changes were made.

Many fans expressed their disappointment towards Ice Cube following his controversial political song “Arrest the President” which was released in 2018 as well as a tweet he posted in 2016 about Trump following the 2016 election which led many to believe he was against Trump. 

This caused much confusion to fans of Ice Cube, however, in a recently published Twitter video, Ice cube explained that he has not and will not endorse either political party. He said he has no trust for both presidential candidates and claimed neither has done right by Black Americans. 

He said there’s more to be done rather than getting A-listers to convince people to vote for the Democratic Party.

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