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“Gentlemen, I hate to raise my voice,” Fox’s Chris Wallace said to both candidates during the first presidential debate.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had a contentious first debate, as both candidates interrupted each other and took personal jabs at one another. 

Wallace called the situation “a terribly missed opportunity,” as he didn’t imagine the debate he moderated would be so chaotic.

Now, he said he’s jealous of the final debate’s moderator, journalist Kristin Welker, for a much smoother and productive debate.

Unlike Wallace, Welker managed to get quite a lot of information out of both candidates, which included topics such as the COVID-19 response, oil industry, taxes, and criminal justice reform.

Seeing as this debate was more informative than the first, many took to Twitter to show Welker support. This is unlike the feedback Wallace received from the first debate in which many criticized his inability to control the candidates. 

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