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A Florida school denied Tyler Maxwell, an 18-year-old student, the ability to park on school property for having a large elephant painted on his pickup truck with an endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Maxwell decided to sue the school district for allegedly prohibiting him from his right to freedom of speech and said he thinks “it is a violation of my First Amendment rights.”

The statue is red, white, and blue with Trump’s name in the middle.

In an interview with Fox 35, Maxwell said the statue meant a lot to him since it was purchased by his grandfather years back and has since worked on painting it with his father.

“I’ve been pretty excited for the last four years to be able to vote,” Maxwell told Fox.

When Maxwell decided to park on school grounds with the statue in his car, Alan Canetti, the school assistant principal, urged Maxwell to take the statue home.

Maxwell was informed that he would only be allowed into school grounds if he left the statue at home. Maxwell’s father took the liberty to ask for a written explanation with the school’s reasoning.

The letter didn’t provide a reason, according to Maxwell.

Maxwell later decided to take the statue once again to school which led to his parking pass being taken away.

Soon after the two incidents, Maxwell decided it was best to continue school through distance learning, but has since filed a lawsuit against The Volusia County School District.

The Volusia County School District has a policy to not discriminate against students’ political beliefs.

The district released a statement explaining that large political signage is not allowed on school property as it would be interpreted as the school endorsing that specific political belief.

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