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According to a Delta Airlines email sent to the company’s employees on Oct. 22, Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian announced that 460 people have been added to the “no fly” list for not complying with the mask regulations that are currently in place. 

The new mask regulations became mandatory at the beginning of July due to the increase of COVID-19 cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined that wearing a mask was one of the many ways to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Delta Airlines released a statement on Sept. 25 with new health and safety practices. Bastian concluded the statement by asking everyone to wear a mask at all times while flying including, including both passengers and employees not including children under the age of two. 

Many airlines adopted the same policy. According to a report in The Telegraph, Delta Airlines was among the list of airlines who would enforce mask regulations to all passengers as well as imply consequences to those who refused to comply with them.

However, Bastian released a statement in regards to customers with underlying conditions that may prevent them from wearing masks. He stated that these customers are required to check in with their “clearance to fly” process. This process is said to take about an hour in which customers will attend a virtual consultation that is completed by a third-party medical professional.  

The statement regarding the 460 customers that have been placed under Delta’s “no fly list” came days before a Delta flight from Detroit to Las Vegas was delayed about 90 minutes due to a customer who refused to wear a mask. 

This incident is one of many in which Delta has had to either delay a flight or turn back to the gate. A similar incident in September happened in Detroit which delayed a flight to Los Angeles. 

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