Director of the United States National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow accused politician Nancy Pelosi of not focusing on the main issues when it comes to releasing the next stimulus package. This comes shortly after Pelosi released a letter that was meant for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The next stimulus package is one that has been in the talks for over six months after the first package which was sent out in April. The check was a part of a $2.2 trillion economic package that was signed by President Donald Trump following the rise in unemployment due to the pandemic.

Trump had promised many residents the next stimulus check would be ready by election day. However, with election day being so soon, Trump tweeted saying that Pelosi was not negotiating “in good faith,” therefore, he asked representatives to stop negotiating until after the election. 

Pelosi has been negotiating with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to help land a proper deal and finalize the next check, which she says will have more money. However, Mnuchin does not agree with Pelosi. 

“If she wants to compromise, there will be a deal,” Mnuchin said.

Pelosi intends to strike a deal that would include aid for COVID-19 testing as well as aid for renters and homeowners. Pelosi stated that although she wants Americans to receive their next $1,200 check, she also seeks to prioritize solutions for poverty, health, and educational issues.

Although Mnuchin has not agreed to a deal with Pelosi, he has made it clear that the checks for Americans should get sent out soon for those suffering economically during the pandemic. 

Last week, Pelosi released a letter that was intended for Mnuchin in which she states that although she understands the many lives this pandemic is taking she is also aware of all the hardships many are facing that involve poverty, to which she adds that negotiating for a right deal that would not only send out a check but also improve many lives.  

Kudlow said that Pelosi is not willing to focus on the main issues which involve checks being sent out rather than negotiations that will not get approved. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Kudlow states that he doesn’t believe that Pelosi “wants a deal or a compromise pre-election.”

Nancy Pelosi published the letter via her website on Oct. 29.

Written ByItzel Mendoza

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