Many journalists and news outlets reported earlier this year that the election results would most likely take longer to count this year than in previous elections and as it is almost a full day since polls have officially closed with no candidate being a clear frontrunner, the United States is growing anxious in waiting for the results.

As of Nov. 4, the President of the United States has not been announced. Experts predict it could be until Friday when results come in.

The record-breaking number of ballots has proven to be overwhelming for many states as ballots are still being tallied 12 hours after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m. last night. 

Heading into this morning, 7 states had not cast their electoral votes while the states have had to continue counting their received ballots well into the night. 

Joe Biden went live around 9:40 p.m. where he addressed the nation from Wilmington, Delaware thanking election workers for their “participation in this Democratic process” and his supporters and team for their work throughout his campaign. He also used his short speech to encourage the country that the election is not over until every vote is counted. 

He ended his night with a tweet from his official account stating that his campaign team believed that he was on track to win the election.

President Trump also went live to address the election where he expressed his surprise at the projected winnings of himself and his opponent. He also outlined his intentions to address the U.S Supreme Court and ask them to stop counting any ballots that had been received after the polls closed. 

The president tweeted from his personal account confirming that he believed votes should not be allowed to be counted after the polls have closed. 

Trump closed his speech by informing the nation that “as far as I’m concerned, we already have won.” 

 The U.S Senate

In this year’s election, there were a total of 35 seats up for election in the United States Senate. 

The Republican Party has held the majority of seats since 2014, but with states having more returned ballots than predicted, the outcome of the Senate has yet to be confirmed. 

The current senate has been considered a Republican run senate as 53 of the 100 available seats belong to persons supporting the Republican party. This leaves 45 seats that are labeled Democrat with 2 seats belonging to Independent parties

Out of the 35 available seats in the U.S Senate, 18 have been voted to be filled with a Republican representative leaving only 12 given to the Democratic Party.

This makes the current total amount of Republican seats 48 with the Democrat amount trailing closely with 45.  

The House of Representatives

Currently, the House of Representatives is mostly run by the Democratic party with 232 of the 435 seats belonging to the party. 

It has been projected that the House will remain under the control of the Democrats with the current tally being 203 to 188 with Democratic party in the lead. 

The state of North Carolina made history last by electing the youngest member of Congress, Republican David Madison Cawthorn.

With the average age of representatives in The House being 57 years old, Cawthorne is said to be a fresh perspective at just 25 years of age and has already caused a stir amongst the United States with just three words that he tweeted after learning about his election. 

Written ByKarissa Leuschen

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