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Eight months into the pandemic and most schools are being held remotely online, while others are following a hybrid model with half of the students on campus while the other half attends class remotely. 

Gov. Gavin Newson declared in July that all schools in Los Angeles County would remain closed and resume online. This order included both public and private schools. It also came after a new “watch list” was released which included all counties that were deemed high risk. 

However, Newsom explained that the counties that were not on the list would have to go through a different procedure in order to re-open campuses for students. This would eventually protect students from contracting or spreading the virus amongst each other.

The Los Angeles Public Health Department published a statement stating that schools may only have up to 25% of students on campus at a time. In addition, they must maintain robust cleaning procedures and enforce mask regulations that are currently in place statewide. 

Newsom has had a strict stance regarding the changes related to COVID-19 in order to help stop the spread of the virus. One of the regulations that he has enforced has been the usage of masks when out in public. Newsom has constantly reminded residents to “minimize the number of times” people take off their masks. 

However, with ongoing changes, Newsom is now receiving backlash after stating in a news conference that his four children have begun attending school in person. 

Newsom explained that his four children are now “phasing back into school” while he and his wife are “phasing out of a very challenging distance learning.” Newsoms’ kids are said to be attending a private school in Sacramento County, California.

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment in Gov. Newsom, calling it a double standard for allowing his children back while many are still having to learn remotely. 

Critics disagreed and focused on the health issues that many public schools may be lacking, which is why private schools may have a higher advantage with opening sooner.

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